Best apps for teens and new drivers

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It can be difficult getting your license if you don’t go to a driving school beforehand. Some teens don’t even have family members that they can practice with regularly before their test.

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The past decade has helped with this a lot, though. There are now so many more resources for new drivers, including online state permit tests, and even websites dedicated to helping you past the regulations of your state’s driving test. Along with these are apps that provide similar information that can help you gain the abilities and confidence to successfully become a good driver. Many of these apps can also help parents learn about what they should be teaching their teen about the road. Here are some of the best apps for this:

Best apps for new drivers

8. Waze

Considered by many to be the best navigation app, you may not be using it much before you actually obtain your license, but once you have, it can become an essential part of your driving experience. Other GPS apps are considered somewhat inferior to the traffic tracking abilities of Waze. It is worth adjusting to this style of GPS use as early as possible.

7. Drivers Ed App

If you don’t plan on taking a Drivers Ed class, then this is your next best chance at preparing yourself for a road test. It takes everything you would learn in a class and reorganizes it into an easy-to-read mobile app. This makes it useful for teens who are struggling with only a specific part of driving. You won’t have to go through everything in Drivers Ed, and instead and just focus on the subjects you are having a hard time with.

6. Pro

Unlike most helpful apps of this nature, actually does cost a monthly fee. However, if you’re someone who needs to text/call and drive, then this app is a far easier and safer application for it than Siri or Google Assistant. It minimizes phone interaction, while still letting you text hands-free. While you shouldn’t make a habit of doing this, it can be useful in emergency situations. Download Free ►

5. TrueMotion Family

Formerly known as Canary, this app is definitely more for the parents of a new driver than the driver itself. It’s helpful if you don’t think your teen will be able to limit cell phone use or stick to the speed limit when you’re not in the car with them. This app is mostly dedicated for parents with children who have already obtained their license but may be unsure of how well they plan to use it. TrueMotion Family will alert you how often your teen is distracted while behind the wheel.

TrueMotion Family Safe Driving download free ►

4. DMV Genie Permit Practice Test

If you don’t have your permit yet in a state that needs one, then this is the perfect app for getting you started. It uses your specific state’s permit questions as a basis for the questions it uses. It is the best way to learn about your state’s road laws and get you on the right track to getting your permit.

DMV Genie Practice Test: Permit & Driver's License download free ►

3. DMV Practice Test 2019

Similar to the previous app, this practice test app focuses on preparing you for written exams, as well as the actual road test you will be taking in order to get your license. No matter what state you live in, it will provide detailed information on everything you need to know to pass your test so you can get your license with worry. This works especially well in conjunction with Drivers Ed.

DMV Practice Test download free ►

2. Do Not Disturb

In Europe, Toyota has released a special Do Not Disturb app for driving called Safe & Sound. Until this app is brought to America, however, you can use the regular Do Not Disturb app to schedule your driving time and prevent you from using your phone while you’re driving without having to mess with the actual settings in your phone. This is good if you often forget to put your phone on silent when you’re at driver’s ed.

DoNotDisturb download free ►

1. DriveSmart

This app will give you a detailed analysis of how well you are driving. It records data as you drive, keeping track of your speed and braking skills to give you a report on how well you are doing. It can also keep you less distracted by alerting you to various changes in your surroundings, such as speed limit changes.

DriveSmart download free ►

Once you’ve succeeded in becoming a better driver with the help of these apps, you’ll surely want to check out our Softonic Solutions page where we’ve listed the best apps for car management. These apps can help you find your car in a parking lot, and even navigate you through city traffic. Definitely worth checking out for both new and experienced drivers.

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