New guns, grappels, and free skins come to Fortnite

With Battle Royale Season 6 mere days away, Epic Games has been pushing out a steady stream of new content and tweaks for the game. A whole host of cool new items have been added, ranging from slick assault rifles to pocket-sized fortresses. Read on for an in-depth look at all the new items that have been added to Fortnite in recent weeks, including a rumored free skin for Xbox One owners.

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New guns, grappels, and free skins come to Fortnite

Suppressed Assault Rifle

fortnite silenced rifle
Silenced Assault Rifle

Rarities: Epic/Legendary

Damage Per Shot: 32/33

Ammo Type: Medium Bullets

Magazine Capacity: 30

Description: The Suppressed Assault Rifle is the sleek, stealthy cousin of Fortnite’s standard Legendary Assault Rifle. The differences between the two are mainly cosmetic: the standard AR’s desert camo is gone and replaced with a jet black paint job. Statistically, the two guns are extremely similar. Most apparent is the addition of the suppressor, but like most suppressed weapons in Fortnite, this pretty much only serves as a cosmetic upgrade. Most enemies will quickly be able to spot you when you open fire on them, rendering the suppressor essentially useless. However, it can allow you to get the drop on enemies, and those extra few shots you can land when they’re disoriented can make all the difference.


fortnite grappel gun
Fortnite Grappel

Rarities: Epic

Damage Per Shot: N/A

Ammo Type: Hooks

Magazine Capacity: 15

Description: The Grappler was added to the game alongside the High Stakes content update. Like the name implies, the grapple gun can be fired at targets and will pull the player into the air. This is a game-changing weapon in a lot of ways: shots can be chained together to quickly traverse the environment, or you can use the Grappler to flank enemies and get the drop on them from above. The only downside is that the Grappler is limited to 15 shots. Once the gun runs out, it’ll be discarded, and ammo can’t be found in the environment. Despite this, it still remains a nifty little gun and is worth learning how to use.

Legendary Port-a-Fort

Fortnite Legendary Port-a-Fort
Legendary Port-a-Fort

Rarities: Legendary

Damage Per Shot: Legendary

Ammo Type: N/A

Magazine Capacity: 1

Description: The Port-a-Fortress is the standard Port-a-Fort’s bigger, meaner older brother. Functionally, the two work exactly the same: throw the ball and watch as a fortress springs up right before your eyes. Instant protection with no building necessary. The difference is, when you use the Port-a-Fortress, this monolith pops up:

legendary port a fort fortnite
Port-a-Fortress Exterior

Made entirely of metal, it’s a huge structure, equipped with Bouncers on the outside to keep enemies away and provide you with an easy escape if things go south. Here’s what it looks like from the top:

fortnite port-a-fortress roof
Port-a-Fortress Roof

Is the Port-a-Fortress overkill? Maybe. But most of the time overkill will keep you alive.

New Skin?

fortnite xbox one skin
Xbox One Skin Bundle

Though not yet officially confirmed, rumors abound that a free skin bundle will be added to the game for Xbox One owners. Known as the Eon Bundle, the image above was first leaked by True Achievements. It seems to be a counterpart to the free skin bundles that have been offered to PlayStation 4 owners in the past. The Eon Skin sports the Xbox One’s signature green and silver color scheme, and will reportedly come with a unique glider. The Eon Bundle has yet to be added to the game, but will likely coincide with Season 6’s release.

Fortnite Season 6 is right around the corner, and is sure to come with even more new content. Be sure to check back with Softonic for the latest about the new season.


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