All the news and premieres coming to Disney Plus in October 2023

From Loki to Nightmares, October is filled with novelties.

All the news and premieres coming to Disney Plus in October 2023
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

Disney Plus is one of the most popular streaming platforms right now. It has recently released high-quality shows like “No One Will Save You” and “Ahsoka,” but this is just the tip of the iceberg for a year filled with novelties and premieres that put the VOD service on par with or even surpassing Netflix, HBO Max, and its other direct competitors.

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In October, there are indeed many premieres that will once again make Disney+ a leader in the streaming war. From the highly anticipated second season of Loki, which has been eagerly awaited since the epic conclusion of the first season, to the arrival of movies like “Haunted Mansion” or “The Boogeyman,” this month promises to be epic in terms of novelties and premieres. Here are some of the highlights.

Haunted Mansion – Movie

The first premiere coming to Disney Plus is a movie that was released on July 28th, and despite not being the blockbuster expected, it delighted audiences of all ages. “Haunted Mansion” is a remake of the film starring Eddie Murphy, featuring a Tim Burton-esque style and a very enjoyable satirical humor.

  • Release date: October 4th

Loki – Season 2

After the first season of Loki, we have seen through Marvel Studios releases like “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” that there are many terrible consequences for the heroes of the House of Ideas. However, the first batch of episodes ended with a spectacular cliffhanger, so it remains to be seen what will happen in the second season.

As far as we know at the moment, the second season will continue from the shocking conclusion of the first, with Loki embroiled in a battle for the soul of the Time Variance Authority. Loki will once again reunite with Mobius (Owen Wilson) in an epic adventure that will also feature Sylvie, as well as many other new characters to be introduced.

  • Release date: October 6th

The Boogeyman – Movie

Based on a story by Stephen King, this horror movie is also coming to Disney Plus in October. The film tells the story of two sisters who, along with their psychologist father, try to recover from the death of their mother. However, death will pursue them in unexpected ways, making everything more complex.

  • Release date: October 11th

Nada- Miniseries

The good old Robert De Niro also lands on Disney Plus, collaborating in the mini-series “Nada,” an Argentine production starring his good friend Luis Brandoni. This comedy-filled fiction follows Manuel, a sophisticated culinary critic from Buenos Aires who must instruct his Paraguayan maid in his lifestyle. It’s certainly a risky bet but aims to elevate Latin American fiction to another level.

  • Release date: October 11th

Goosebumps – Season 1

Another of the most anticipated series this month is Goosebumps. Based on the books of the famous writer R.l. Stine, the series is created by Nicholas Stoller and Rob letterman, who were already in charge of the recent films in the franchise.

In this new series, five high school students embark on a terrifying journey in which they must unravel the tragic death of a teenager named Harold Biddle, which took place three decades ago and is apparently linked to supernatural events that surpass their imagination.

  • Release date: October 13

Welcome to Wrexham Football Club – Season 2

The great adventure of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney aboard the third oldest football club in the world, Wrexham Football Club, enters a new stage with more challenges than ever and the difficult task of climbing the ranks. While we already know that everything went smoothly, the documentary will bring us even closer to what it’s like to run a football team from the inside.

  • Release date: October 18th

All Disney Plus releases in October

While we await other highly anticipated releases of the year like Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Disney Plus is preparing several months filled with releases that will leave a great taste in our mouths for 2023. Here’s a list of all the platform’s releases for the upcoming month:

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