No Man’s Sky: The incredible looking space game from Hello Games

No Man’s Sky: The incredible looking space game from Hello Games

The biggest surprise from the VGX awards wasn’t Fallout 4 or new DLC for GTA V, but a beautiful trailer from Hello Games for No Man’s Sky.

Where do you go from Joe Danger? Indie developers Hello Games have two hits under their belts with the arcade Danger games, but their next game is altogether something different. As you can see in the trailer below, No Man’s Sky is an incredible looking space game that allows you to explore everything from the ocean floor to stars light years away, seamlessly. Unlike other games, when you look at the sky from a planet, you’re looking at the game’s actual universe, not a ‘Sky Box’ that has been put there for decoration. Every star in the sky is a real place you can visit. It looks like an action packed Elite for the 21st century.

The trailer reveals little, but Hello Games has explained more, talking to PC gaming site Rockpapershotgun. Players will start on the edge of the galaxy, and as they build their experience and abilities, make their way to the center. The galaxy will get more and more dangerous as you travel towards the center.

Default player

No Man’s Sky will be multiplayer in a similar way to Dark Souls – there will be other players, and the opportunity to help them or otherwise, but it’s primarily a single player experience. Hello Games cite Minecraft, DayZ as well as Dark Souls as influences. Complex space MMO EVE Online is mentioned, but Hello Games stress that its history is in console games, and No Man’s Sky will be easy to pick up and get into, despite its huge scope.

There’s no release date for No Man’s Sky, but it’s certainly blasted its way right to the top of our most anticipated games. Let’s cross our fingers that it lands in 2014.


[Source: Rockpapershotgun]

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