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NoteLedge provides superior cross-platform note-taking

NoteLedge provides superior cross-platform note-taking
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Those of us who have several roles in life, personal and professional, often make notes for different reasons. It happens when we need to remember what to buy at the store or recording stages in a project. I find it useful when I’m working on an intense novel with plot twists and I need to keep track. Thankfully, NoteLedge has excellent features to help in all situations.

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It’s not just about making notes. Apps like NoteLedge are incredibly useful at organizing your thoughts in a visual or audible way to plan better. While the program is also available on iOS, Android and Mac, I’m going to show you the exciting features available on Windows computers.

Organizing your ideas and thoughts on NoteLedge

While working on my fantasy and horror novels, an essential element of maintaining consistency in the story is organizing my ideas. NoteLedge provides many ways to do so, whether via voice, text, images, sketching, or even using your hand with an external device. You can even sort your notes by category, which is helpful when you have loads of information captured.

If you’re a student or you’re using sources from the internet, it can be a pain to copy and paste or retype the information over to a document. NoteLedge makes your work more efficient and productive, with a drag-and-drop mechanism from the source web page. Also, it keeps track of where you got the information from, helping with your citations and references.

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Let your creative mind flow

When you start a new note, you’ll have a variety of tools available. If you’re more of a visual person, there’s a library of brushes, preset patterns, rulers, and more to present your ideas in a new, vivid way. You’ll also find a palette of colors to work with, giving you more variety with your sketches and images.

If you see a color on an image that you like, it’s easy to import it into NoteLedge with the click of a button. The Windows version also lets you change the page layout and align objects. You can create mood boards, handouts, invitations, whiteboard discussions, and so much more. It’s also helpful when you’re working on a presentation and need to plan the slide layout.

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Sharing content and syncing to the cloud

Creating ideas and sharing them with your team doesn’t work if you don’t have an app with that capability. NoteLedge has a built-in exporting tool that lets you quickly save your links, images, audio recordings, videos, and text in a PDF, and share them with your colleagues. When you click on the Share button, a window appears that asks how you would like to send it.

The first option is email. Once you provide the email address, NoteLedge will deliver the document with the content for you. You can also send it via another storage app, such as Dropbox, Microsoft Teams, and even Twitter. If you want to show someone next to you what you’ve worked on and you’re not near your Windows PC, you can show them on your phone or tablet if you’ve synced the data to the cloud.

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Is NoteLedge free?

You can download NoteLedge for free on Windows. Once you create an account and log in, you’ll be able to use some of the basic features for free. However, most of the powerful tools like custom brushes, color palette, and other advanced note-taking tools are in the NoteLedge Pro version, which is the one I recommend for professionals and freelance creative minds alike.

NoteLedge Pro Windows goes for about $4.99/month, $10.99/quarter, or $29.99/year, depending on how long you want to make a commitment. I suggest you try the free trial to see how much you can do. I have no doubt you’ll enjoy it enough to purchase the subscription. You’ll also receive 500 GB of storage space on the Kdan cloud.

If you want premium creative tools to create notes across Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac, you’ll need a Creative 365 subscription. You can opt for $9.99/month, $19.99/quarter, or $59.99/year. While NoteLedge Pro has enough content to get creative and record your notes, Creativity 365 allows you to work across different devices and enjoy additional content creation apps that come with the suite.

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Get NoteLedge at a discount!

If you’re a bit worried about the price, I have an offer for you that will lighten the burden. If you’re on Windows,  go to the NoteLedge website, and click on the Upgrade button. Place the coupon code NLSOFTONIC30 at checkout to receive 30% off the NoteLedge Pro or Creative 365 subscription cost

Now you can take your free trial to the next level with professional tools. With the cross-platform capabilities, you can work on a Windows computer, save, and then access your work from the cloud with your Android or iOS app. The power of creativity is in your hands no matter where you are!

This article was written by Shaun M Jooste.

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