Optimize images and save space with ImageOptim

Jonathan Riggall


If you use your Mac to store all your images, you might find they start to take up some serious space. With ImageOptim you can cut JPEG, PNG and GIF images by around 20-30%, without losing noticeable quality.

ImageOptim is a graphical user interface (GUI) for a range of open source optimizing engines, and is extremely easy to use.  Simply drag and drop your images into the app, and they will be automatically analyzed and optimized. Be aware that ImageOptim actually changes the files you give it, so you may want to keep your original images in case you don’t like the results. We tested a range of images, and the results are good.

You can often save 20-30% of the size without losing any image quality. With a large collection of images this can be significant. ImageOptim is ideal for image you want to upload to web pages, as it improves load times.

Download ImageOptim for Mac here, it’s free and incredibly easy to use!

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