Optimize your PC’s performance

Optimize your PC’s performance

9955.pngWhen looking to maximize your PC’s performance the first place you look is usually the hardware. Do you have a fast micro processor and is the latest sound card installed? What about your graphics and 3D cards? Are they up to scratch? Now upping your hardware is almost certain to cost you a hefty amount, and with the rate at which PCs improve (every 6 months processors double their strength) it’s not always the best solution. Instead we suggest you run a number of applications to analyze your PC and improve its performances.

First of all, get hold of a system analyzer like PC Wizard and inspect the insides of your PC. Monitor the performance of your processors and compare your hardware to other models on the market. Ideally, you’re looking to measure the limitations of your PC and understand what it can and can’t do. If after running PC Wizard you find your PC is missing out, your best bet is to run to the PC store and grab that piece of hardware you’re missing.

After dissecting your hardware, it’s a good idea to clean up your hard drive of any unnecessary files and make some space. You can use Wash and Go to remove registry entries, corrupted files, duplicates and outdated Windows service packs (thought you’d never get rid of theses didn’t you?). Once this little cleaning-up task is done, round it off by partitioning your disk with Norton Partition Magic. This application will rearrange your files and create multiple partitions. This prevents loss of important data and separates your information in well structured sections on your disk.

For laptop users, a key element is often the battery. You probably know that its power constantly decreases with time, and after a few years you can bet there’s nothing portable anymore about your laptop. You can still install a program like Battery Doubler, which, whatever the strength of your battery, will optimize its power according to your usage and the applications you’ve launched.

Overclocking is a familiar term among PC modders and refers to forcing your computer to work at a higher ‘clock rate’ than the one set by the manufacturer. Literally you’re pushing you’re hardware performance to the extreme. Now the risk here is overheating and ultimately damaging your hardware. Instead, and if you don’t want to get dirty with your PC, install an acceleration utility like Hare, This program adjusts CPU usage according to your needs and the programs that are launched.

Don’t think that running these performance enhancers will save you forever. Once your PC starts lagging and huffing and puffing to launch applications it’s probably time to think about buying a new PC altogether.

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