Out now: Tiny Thief, the new game from Rovio Stars

Out now: Tiny Thief, the new game from Rovio Stars

Developer 5 Ants Games is lucky enough to have the might of Angry Birds’ Rovio behind them for Tiny Thief, a cute looking point and click puzzle adventure for iOS and Android. The game is out today.

In Tiny Thief, you play the diminutive protagonist through six medieval adventures. His task is to outsmart enemies using cunning and trickery, and you do this by solving the devious puzzles in each area.

While it’s hasn’t been developed by Rovio, Tiny Thief shares the cartoon style and gentle humor of Angry Birds. Tiny Thief is the second game to be distributed by Rovio Stars, which is dedicated to finding and publishing interesting and innovative mobile games. We’ll have a full review of the game soon, and then we’ll see if Rovio’s marketing power is enough to make unknown games popular.

Download Tiny Thief for iOS and Android.

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