Will AutoGPT surpass ChatGPT?

The tool is available on GitHub and is constantly surprising everyone who uses it.

Will AutoGPT surpass ChatGPT?
María López

María López

The world is changing by leaps and bounds. Tools like ChatGPT or the new Bing have brought us closer to a future that seemed to be reserved only for science fiction movies. The artificial intelligence revolution has just begun and so far, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

First, we need to understand what exactly artificial intelligence does. As we can read on Microsoft‘s website, artificial intelligence works through the use of mathematics and logic. It is a computer system that simulates the reasoning that a person would follow.


As Terminator as it may sound, the truth is that in your day-to-day life you already interact with many artificial intelligences without even realizing it. Have you ever wondered how your email spam filter works? Or your Alexa speaker? It all goes to the same point: artificial intelligence.

However, this technology has managed to capture the attention of the public less interested in these topics. The emergence of ChatGPT or Midjourney has literally made it possible for anyone with Internet access to perform very complex tasks in a matter of minutes.

ChatGPT’s operation is based on GPT, a language model (LLM) trained with huge amounts of text and allowing it to respond as if it were a human being. ChatGPT is able to converse and generate complete compositions, mails, letters and even programming.

This impressive technology was limited by one important aspect: they can only complete tasks one at a time, such as answering a question. This means that it is not always useful for more complex or multi-step tasks. In response, a new tool has emerged that solves this problem: AutoGPT.

What is AutoGPT?


The creators of ChatGPT (OpenAI) have limited the capabilities of models like GPT to prevent their actions from getting out of control. On the other hand, AutoGPT is able to make its own decisions and perform actions as it sees fit, as long as it follows goals and rules. AutoGPT creates its own instructions and sends them back to itself in a kind of loop.

Think of it this way: to get the best results from ChatGPT, you have to think very carefully about the request we are going to make to it and how to formulate it. So why not let the application itself construct the question by itself? In this way, let it ask itself what should be the next step to follow until it completes the task it has been assigned.

If we add its Internet access (which ChatGPT does not have), AutoGPT can search for all kinds of information. However, it also can’t do things like treacherously shopping online with our credit card. The model asks for permission at all times to do anything and the limits will depend on each user.

What applications does AutoGPT have today?

One of the features of AutoGPT that has made it so popular is its ability to generate code. In the end, AutoGPT could be (and is) used to develop complete end-to-end applications.

The tool is also capable of analyzing workflows and making intelligent recommendations, something that would be of great value to businesses for example. If we also have its Internet connection, we could even ask AutoGPT to conduct market research or even find very cheap products.

In view of this, many are wondering how this will impact society, both in the long and short term. Will AutoGPT become the next step in the world of artificial intelligence?

AI will continue to evolve and it won’t be long before we see increasingly capable and creative tools that go far beyond generating text or images. Over time, these models will profoundly change the way we work and communicate (including our leisure time).


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