ChatGPT for Everyone: How to Use the New Free Chatbot from OpenAI

If ChatGPT looks like the future to you, wait until you try GPT-4

ChatGPT for Everyone: How to Use the New Free Chatbot from OpenAI
Chema Carvajal Sarabia

Chema Carvajal Sarabia

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Everyone is crazy about using the new artificial intelligence tools that promise to change the world. Honestly, when ChatGPT came out, many of us were stunned by the power of this AI. The funny thing is that this one is… obsolete?


A couple of months ago OpenAI announced its latest language model called GPT-4. This new AI-driven model has left many content creators eager to try out the new capabilities.

However, GPT-4 is currently not available for public access and is only accessible to paid subscribers of the ChatGPT Plus service.

Fortunately for you, reader, there are still some sites where users can access or use ChatGPT 4 (GPT-4) for free.

Tools to use free GPT-4

Poe is a platform that allows you to explore and interact with various bots developed by Large Language Models (“LLMs”) and third-party developers, including OpenAI and Anthropic. Poe can also allow you to create your own bots based on these third-party LLMs.

You can use bots for a wide variety of purposes, from learning, writing help, translation, programming help, summarization and entertainment, to many other things. Poe limits you to one GPT-4 query per day.

The AI Dungeon

The AI Dungeon is an online platform that allows users to play AI-generated text adventures. The platform uses ChatGPT to generate its content, making it possible for users to interact with AI in an open-world environment.

With AI Dungeon, users can explore new worlds, create stories and even train their skills with ChatGPT 4 (GPT-4). AI Dungeon is free and users can create an account to save their progress.

Hugging Face’s Transformers

Hugging Face’s Transformers is an open source library for natural language processing that includes state-of-the-art AI models, such as ChatGPT 4 (GPT-4).

The library is offered under the permissive Apache license and can be accessed via GitHub. With Hugging Face’s Transformers, users can leverage the AI capabilities of ChatGPT 4 (GPT-4) to power their PLN models, test new ideas or even create new applications. is a web-based platform that allows users to quickly create PLN applications using a chat interface that can be shared with others. Recently, has introduced a new feature that allows users to experiment with the ChatGPT 4 model at no cost.

One of the main advantages of this website is that it does not impose any message restrictions. In addition, there is no waiting time, as there are no waiting queues. Users can take advantage of the ChatGPT 4 model without any restrictions or fees.

Microsoft Bing

In addition to Ora, Microsoft Bing Chat also offers a glimpse of GPT-4. Following the release of the GPT-4 model, Microsoft revealed that its Bing AI is already using the GPT-4 model, which is internally referred to as “Prometheus.”

Interestingly, Bing AI comes equipped with some supplementary functionalities that are absent in ChatGPT 4.


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