Pac-man 256 and Mozilla Webmaker top our recommended app list

Pac-man 256 and Mozilla Webmaker top our recommended app list
Alex Beech

Alex Beech

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We are back with another five apps for you to try – including one designed to make you think about how much we are making you use your phone.

Kind of doing ourselves out of a job there, but c’est la vie. Webmaker from Mozilla (Android) is first this week, an app that lets you design your own website with ease. The results aren’t complex, but they work well and should have your site up in moments.

Next up is Pacman 256 (Android|iOS), the game that brings a little endless fun to the classic, arcade maze game. With the screen always forcing you forward you will need quick reflexes to work your way up that high score table.

Third we have Cooking Mama Let’s Cook (Android|iOS), a game that has you try and prepare the perfect meal from start to finish. It’s a tasty little game, but the free version only comes with a few recipes.

We also have MSTY (Android|iOS) a messaging app with mood music.Choose the contact, photo, and message you want, then the app lets you add a track from its library of emotionally themed categories.

Finally we have Quality Time (Android). This runs in the background monitoring what apps you use, how much, and when. You can then monitor your usage and set alarms if you think that you are over doing it.

We will be back on next week with more videos, subscribe to make sure you don’t miss them – see you then!

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