PDF Reader is packed with every PDF editing, creating, and converting tool you could wish for

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Even though PDFs were first created by Adobe in 1992, many other software companies have since built programs that work with the file type. So while you were once forced to use only Adobe’s software to work with PDFs, now you can choose from among dozens of both free and paid programs to do the same thing. This allows you to find just the right solution for your needs and budget. 

Chances are pretty good though that the software you choose will be PDF Reader by Kdan Mobile Software. With more than 60 million downloads worldwide, it is one of the leading PDF manipulation tools on the market, and for good reason. 

Every PDF tool you could possibly need

Want to move text around in a PDF? Increase the font size of a particular line? Change the spelling of a word? Use a freehand drawing tool to mark it up? Sign it using your finger, your trackpad or your mouse? PDF Reader has you covered. It does all of this and much, much more

One of the ways in which PDF Reader distinguishes itself from the competition, is just how intuitive it is to use. Colorful icons at the top of the screen help you find the right tool for nearly any task, and then drag-and-drop functionality makes it a breeze to move things wherever you want them. 

PDF ReaderYou can add images, tables, form fields, buttons, stamps and shapes with ease. What’s more, the formatting toolbar that appears at the side of the screen lets you adjust the size, color and opacity of many items you drop into your document like lines and highlights. And, as you’d expect with any PDF processing software, you can also add sticky note comments, as well as cross out, underline and highlight text. A hideable thumbnail panel on the left lets you easily navigate and rearrange pages. 

A nice additional feature of PDF Reader is the inclusion of a “night mode,” which makes the software easier on the eyes when using it in dimly lit conditions.

PDF Reader

Robust file management

Another way in which PDF Reader stands apart from the competition is with its impressive file-management system. By hitting a toggle button at the top of the screen, you enter the file-management area where you can tag and organize any files you add.

PDF ReaderHere is where you can also import practically any other file type to create a PDF; compress your files; add or delete pages; merge different files into one PDF; adjust security settings; and even fax or email your document right from the program. When you want to save a document, you can do so with easy conversion tools that turn your PDF into a Microsoft Office, iWorks, ePub or text or image files with a click. 

Free vs Paid

The free version of PDF Reader might be satisfactory for many users. You can mark up any PDF, add comments and notes, insert form elements, password protect documents; and use the freehand signing tool. It’s a much more robust software package than what is offered in Adobe’s free PDF software. 

However, if you want even more functionality, upgrading to the paid version might be a good bet. Upgrading moves you to Kdan’s Document 365 subscription for $5/month billed annually, which works across all operating systems including iOS, Android, Mac and Windows 10. 

Upgrading also adds in all of the really fun features including: converting PDFs to ePub, Microsoft Office, HTML, JPEG and PNG files; using OCR scanning to allow text to be edited, moved and deleted; adding backgrounds and watermarks; splitting and saving PDFs; encrypt and decrypt PDF files; sending files as faxes; and converting your PDFs to a wide range of other file types. 

Fortunately, you can download a free, fully-functioning 7-day trial of the software to see just how many features you’ll use before choosing the version that’s right for you.

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