Play Left 4 Dead 2 now!

After waiting all day yesterday with no joy, finally this morning the Left 4 Dead 2 demo is available to download and play! The first game offered some of the best cooperative multiplayer gaming around, and on first impressions, that certainly hasn’t changed.

This demo lets you play one campaign, entitled “The Parish” either in one player mode (with three AI companions), or online with four players fighting to survive together. There’s plenty of high speed frights and thrills in both, but playing with bots just isn’t the same. Multiplayer games are much more dynamic, and there’s more emotional involvement – whether it’s anger at a selfish player, or pleasant surprise when people are working together!

It looks like Left 4 Dead 2 is cementing its supremacy over the aged, lumbering Resident Evil series – these zombies are varied, fast moving and extremely vicious. There’s really nothing like the moment when a horde of zombies is rushing towards you: it’s one of the most visceral, adrenalin pumping creations in gaming history.

To play you’ll need the Steam client, and from there you can download the demo – but be warned, it’s not for the faint hearted.

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