Pola: Create retro instant camera images

Elena Santos


You can tell I love old instant photos just by the number of times I’ve written about them on this blog: a Photoshop tutorial to create a Polaroid style collage, a list of instant photo apps – both desktop and online… But even if it’s not a new topic, you still find new ways to transform your photos into retro instant photos that are well worth a blog post.

This is the case of Pola, the latest addition to my collection of instant photo apps. Pola stands out for several reasons: it’s very easy to use, it doesn’t require installation and it includes a few options to customize your Polaroid-style images.

To create an instant photo image in Pola, all you need to do is drag and drop the image onto the program’s interface and wait a few second. The instant photo version of your image will be automatically generated and saved to the same folder as the original one – that is, under a different name to prevent accidental file overwriting.

That’s Pola’s basic functionality. Apart from that, Pola includes several ‘cartridges’ (filters) that apply different effects to your images, and also lets you add a shadow effect and a custom message to the image. All these functions are easily accessible from Pola’s toolbar, just by clicking anywhere on the program’s interface.

Pola is not an image editor, so don’t ask for any extra tools. But if what you want to do is turn your images into instant photos without hassle, this may be the perfect program.

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