Meta introduces built-in post-scheduling to the Instagram app

Meta introduces built-in post-scheduling to the Instagram app
Russell Kidson

Russell Kidson

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If you’ve ever used Instagram for any length of time, you’ll likely know what a schlep it is to get a proper post-scheduling setup going. You need to head to your favorite app store, pick up a dedicated app, and then use that in conjunction with the official Instagram utility to get your posts out at the optimal time. Posting at the optimal time means higher engagement with your posts – and we all know that the most important aspect of modern life is a sufficient social media following

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However, the arduous reality of having to use an excessive two whole apps to schedule posts is potentially at an end. Meta is messing with a way to do it all from the Instagram app. This is life-changing to anyone who knows the struggle of clamoring for relevance online by essentially petitioning other people to like and pay attention to them. 

‘We are testing the ability to schedule content with a percentage of our global community.’ These are the sentiments of a Meta spokesperson who recently spoke about the massively popular photo and video-sharing platform. This, of course, means that only a small sample of users will be able to access this feature, leaving the rest stumbling around from dedicated app to dedicated app for a short while longer. 

built-in post-scheduling to the Instagram

Meta has yet to announce a release date for this highly-anticipated feature. However, users have had access to a similar feature since 2020 through the Facebook Creator Studio. This, unfortunately, serves no purpose for those who don’t have access to the dedicated social media management utility. 

A prototype of the new Instagram feature was spotted first by Alessandro Paluzzi, a mobile developer and app researcher. He uncovered the feature in July 2022 but informed publications at the time that the feature was simply an ‘early prototype of an experience that we are not publicly testing.’ 

In other mildly concerning Instagram news, a recent AI development has proved that artificial intelligence can track you using only your Instagram posts. I’d say, ‘be careful what you post,’ but society is already so reliant on social media that it would serve no purpose to start being mindful of what we share now.

Russell Kidson

Russell Kidson

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