Predict the future with your PC

Predict the future with your PC

Astrological symbolsI’ve never been a big believer in astrology but it’s always a lot of fun hearing what my sign has in store. I certainly enjoyed playing around with some of Softonic’s section for astrology software although I won’t be banking my future on some of the results.

One of the most fun is The Astrology Partner which predicts what’s going to happen in your love life and financial dealings for the next few days. It works for single people but it’s optimised for use as a couple. It combines your collective data so if you’ve had too many arguments over money, leave everything to The Astrology Partner.

Alternatively, if you believe it’s the planets that hold the key to your future, you can use Astromart. AstroMart generates personalized astrological charts including love charts with specific interpretations, transits, synasties, progressions, and sun/moon returns.

Finally a slightly different approach is that offered by Lucky Days. The program calculates “transits” which are basically “windows of luck” that presents themselves at certain times during the year. Lucky Days identifies these windows so you can select which days are best to fill in your lottery numbers!

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