Read comics on your mobile, tablet or PC with these apps

Read comics on your mobile, tablet or PC with these apps

It’s increasingly easy to read comics online. Many major publishers offer their comics in a non-physical format at great prices, sometimes even free, and along with a PC, tablet or smartphone, you’ll need a good app that’ll help you manage your collections and make reading more comfortable.

Here are some of the best apps for Android, iOS and Windows for reading digital comics, programs that open all formats and let you download and start reading them in seconds.

Manga Rock

If you like reading Japanese comics, you’ll love this app for Android and iOS. With a collection of over 50,000 comic books in 7 languages, Manga Rock is very easy to use: search for the manga you want to read, download it, and start reading. This means that you don’t need to load external files because the app itself offers all the content.

Manga Rock is not only a never-ending source of comic books, but also has the classic options required of any good e-reader: reading modes, zoom, brightness control and, of course, reading direction, if you want to read the traditional Japanese way instead of the Western way.

Download Manga Rock for: Android | iOS


If you’ve already downloaded comics in any of the most common formats (.cbr, .cbz and .pdf), you’re probably looking for a comic book reader. For iOS, I recommend Comic Flow, an app with a simple interface and many options. The best part is that you can import more than 1,500 comics without taking up any storage on your iPad or iPhone.

You can import and delete comics easily with Comic Flow using iTunes or over Wi-Fi.

Download ComicFlow for:  iOS

Perfect Viewer

If you have an Android, one of the best readers on Google Play is Perfect Viewer. As the name suggests, it’s (almost) perfect; it includes many options to display comic books and supports many picture formats including .pdf, .jpg, .gif, .cbr and .cbz, among others.

Its library system also includes options to manage your favorites and create folders so that you can keep your huge collection of comics under control.

Download Perfect Viewer for: Android

Marvel Comics

Get Spider-Man, Captain America, the X-Men, and other Marvel superheroes on your tablet with the official app from one of the most popular comic book publishers. With this virtual store, you’ll never miss the adventures of your favorite superheroes.

The Marvel Comics app has many advantages. Besides being able to read comics whenever you want, it gives you the option to create a wish list, get notifications when a new issue is released, and preview comics with a scoring system to help you decide if the comic is worth purchasing.

Download Marvel Comics for: Android | iOS

DC Comics

Marvel’s eternal rival, DC Comics, has an equally good app for iOS and Android. Here, you’ll find comics from the past 75 years of DC Comics, classified by characters and collections.

Just like Marvel, it offers several options to choose your next purchase using full reviews of each, and has a good reader to top it off.

Download DC Comics for: Android | iOS


If you want to read on your PC, YACReader offers a comic book manager to organize your collection, along with a full-screen reader.

YACReader is especially known for its Cover Flow effect, which shows thumbnails of pages to go from one to another quickly while reading a particular comic.

Download YACReader for: Windows

Comic Rack

Comic Rack is another classic comic book reader for your PC. It has many options including support for most formats, and a double-page view. The biggest plus though, is a joint app for both Android and iOS devices.

If you install Comic Rack on your mobile or tablet, you can sync content between devices, ideal for keeping up the reading wherever you are.

Download Comic Rack for Android | iOSWindows

Almost better than reading on paper

Years ago, comic readers were little more than image viewers, so they weren’t very comfortable for reading lengthy comic books. In recent times, especially with tablets, it’s become increasingly easy and comfortable to read comics in digital format, and it has many advantages over paper: you can save space, it’s easy to find exactly the comics you want, and you can take any comic with you wherever you go.

If you like reading on the go, check out the article from our Android Tablet Series for apps to read from your tablet.

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