Reason Core Security: Protect Your PC from Threats better than Traditional Anti-virus

Reason Core Security: Protect Your PC from Threats better than Traditional Anti-virus

PCs typically come equipped with their own antivirus measures and if they don’t, most people will install one. But often, these security programs are unable to deal with some of the most sophisticated viruses which can leave PCs vulnerable to malware of all kinds. Reason Core Security comes to the rescue, combating these complex threats. Reason Core Security detects and eliminates any and all intruders that try to evade security measures.

Keep Intruders Out!

Nowadays, malware is sneaky. It does whatever it can to fly under the radar of typical AV measures and often, programs can’t detect these baddies at all. Then there are other types of increasingly common threats, like adware and PUPs (potentially unwanted software) which are application packages that are installed without the user’s knowledge when installing another theoretically “safe” program.

Over time, these intruders cause computers to become filled with undetected junk and apps that take up resources. Worse, they can steal data and even take data hostage via ransomware attacks. Reason Core Security is a lightweight and easy-to-use app that stops all these threats before it’s too late.


Reason Core Security protects your PC in real time, scanning it every time a new movement or installation is detected, and does so by using a constantly updated cloud database.

And what if you already have malware on your PC? No problem! Reason Core Security gets to work to eliminate all kinds of Trojans, worms, bots, adware, spyware, PUPs or any other virus that may already be lurking on your PC.

A Silent Ally

Reason Core Security is not only easy to use (just install it, and with a few clicks it will start doing its job) but also it’s extremely discreet. Unlike other antivirus programs, which pop up with annoying notifications and can slow down your PC, this app is barely noticeable. It does its job in the background and uses hardly any PC memory.

And if you continue using a traditional antivirus, adding Reason Core Security creates another layer of security. The Reason app won’t interfere with the tasks of traditional antivirus programs like scans and signature updates — and the additional security measures will keep you covered more thoroughly than ever before.


What Level of Protection Should you Choose?

Reason Core Security has two offerings: Standard Protection and Complete Protection.  

Standard Protection offers free detection of all types of PC threats.

Complete Protection is available for a yearly payment of $24.95, which includes everything that the free version has, plus the option to eliminate all threats lurking on your PC


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