Reddit’s New Feature: Say Goodbye to Clunky Browsing!

You can now search for comments on Reddit within each post

Reddit’s New Feature: Say Goodbye to Clunky Browsing!
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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Reddit is the quintessential internet forum. While in the early 2000s forums dominated everything and the possibilities were enormous, with the advent of social networks this all changed, and only a few forums survived. Of those that remain, Reddit is undoubtedly the most successful worldwide.


Now, in order to continue to lead as a platform and make users’ lives easier and easier, Reddit has just added a new feature that many have been asking for: search for comments within posts. This feature will allow for a much smoother and simpler experience.

How to Search Comments on Reddit

How to search for a comment on Reddit

Until now, users could only search for specific comments in two ways. Either they could use the platform-wide search for a comment, a feature that was released last year but did not allow them to search within a specific post, or they could use the shortcut Cmd-F or Ctrl-F (depending on the device) to search for it manually.

However, Reddit has implemented this new feature as a search box where you can search for a specific comment within a post. This will make the search much easier for everyone. In addition, Reddit applies its algorithm to show the most relevant comments for most searches.

Other new features that have been implemented and improved are text search within images, which allows you to (for example) search for memes with ease, video search and search for specific communities without the need to type the exact name in the correct order to display relevant results.

Another interesting feature that has just arrived is the ability to mute communities, similar to how this feature is applied in WhatsApp groups or chats. All these improvements in its search engines are intended to keep Reddit as the most relevant forum on the Internet.

Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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