rev·amp: Enhancing the Power of Site Monetization

rev·amp: Enhancing the Power of Site Monetization
Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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rev·amp has become a popular name among publishers for platform monetization. Three years ago, Softonic packaged 25 years of publishing experience into an extensive solution. With it came all the expertise gained by working with clients, navigating advert spaces, and determining the best user experience.

For those of you who don’t know about this solution as yet, we’ve created this article to show you what rev·amp is all about and how it can benefit you. With an average revenue increase of up to 50% within the first six months with our existing clients, you won’t want to miss out.

A Brief History of rev·amp

Softonic has spent over 25 years becoming one of the biggest download platforms for PC and mobile apps, games, tools, and so much more. With so much experience with developing publishing tools and monetizing the site, the company decided to package everything into a single solution to help others reach the same benefits. Three years ago, rev·amp was born.

What does rev·amp do?

rev·amp aims to maximize the earning power of tech publishers so that they can achieve more from their advert placements. The experts visit the client’s site and discover new opportunities for optimization. By evaluating the current ad placements and performance, the team can more clearly determine how to improve the results and offer a unique set up to each publisher, balancing monetisation and user experience.

What makes rev·amp different?

If you have some experience with ad placement platforms on your site, you may already know that it doesn’t cater to the user experience. Instead, they provide an automated tool that haphazardly inserts advert blocks on the site, messing with the content and visual appeal.

rev·amp takes a more human-centric approach. There is more structure and planning involved, determining the critical points on the sites that won’t interfere with the content. Softonic also has a massive portfolio of direct clients and partners that we’ve grown over the years, which will benefit you as the publisher.

Top rev·amp Features that Set it Apart

The rev·amp platform comes with a complete AD-Stack solution. It doesn’t simply apply one approach universally, especially since every publisher has a different methodology. Here are some of the features it provides:

  • PMP Deal management
  • Ad Layout Customization
  • Unified Reports
  • Smart Ad Refresh
  • Adblock Recovery
  • Multi-Ad Format

The Top-Tier rev·amp Tools

rev·amp also supplies several products that will help you earn more from monetizing. The first of these is the cookie-less contextual ads approach. It doesn’t take previous browsing into account like most systems. Instead, it shows adverts relevant to the content on the current page.

The next item is rev·amp’s Policy Shield. It helps prevent Google violations across your website and makes sure no adverts are placed there. As the publisher, you’ll receive alerts whenever a possible infringement is detected so that you can take the necessary action to resolve it.

What about websites that offer products for downloading, such as videos, games, images, or music? rev·amp provides internet-based solutions for anyone downloading or installing content from your site. It adds to the user’s journey while creating more opportunities for publishers and advertisers.

Relevance is another crucial factor for publishers. Nothing is more annoying to users than seeing ads on the page that have nothing to do with what’s listed on the page. That’s why taking a human-centric approach is much better than simply relying on technology. rev·amp makes sure the ads are customizable by publishers so that the design and content remain relevant.

What Problems Does rev·amp Solve?

While we’ve already explained many of the tools and features, rev·amp focuses explicitly on some of the fundamental problems experienced by publishers and advertisers alike. We’ve touched on a few of these before, but let’s take a holistic look at the solutions this platform provides.

Human-Centric Approach

As we’ve mentioned, many platforms are purely tech-driven. You may have noticed a rise in artificial intelligence lately, but even the best technology can’t know what adverts and placements will work best for so many viewers worldwide. That’s why rev·amp takes a more human-centric approach, ensuring that the ads look more natural without interfering with the actual page content. Not only that but clients of rev·amp get access to a dedicated Account Manager who is backed up by our internal Yield and Ad Tech team to continuously optimize the sites performance.

High-Quality Ads

Have you noticed how many sites have low-quality ads that basically serve no purpose other than to place adverts on pages? That’s the by-product of a tech-only approach. rev·amp offers programmatic and affiliate marketing, while also providing partnerships with some of Softonic’s direct clients. That means you’ll see high-quality ads that are actually relevant to the user intent. The system has already shown 750 million monthly ad impressions, revealing just how well they perform.

Compliance with Policy Changes

There are so many policy changes online that some platforms struggle to keep up. We’re not only referring to Google core updates but other systems too. When these changes come about, they can interfere with your current monetization strategies and placements. rev·amp has an in-house team of experts that ensures your website stays compliant with any policy updates.

Global Traffic

Are you tired of your advertising platform only affecting US or UK visitors? With rev·amp, you have a global player known worldwide that offers products to everyone, regardless of location. That means that if a brand’s product suddenly becomes popular in Portugal, you’ll benefit from those viewers visiting your site and clicking on the ads. As a matter of fact, the platform already delivers to 272 countries where there’s a direct demand.

A Balance Between SEO and User Experience

SEO has been in the optimization game for several years now. While it helps to increase traffic to and clicks on your site, many publishers only focus on this factor alone. Sadly, it leaves readers disappointed, knowing that the content was only delivered for clicks. Pages take a long time to load, images are all over the place, and it makes the audience leave quickly and never come back.

rev·amp has the ideal solution that strikes a balance between SEO and the user experience. Not only will they arrive due to a trending topic, but they’ll enjoy their stay on your site so much that they’ll want to come back for more.

Premium Brands Working with rev·amp

If you’re still wondering if rev·amp is worth it, you don’t need to take only our word for it. We have several premium brands we work with that hold testimony to how well the system works. And we’re ready for new challenges!
Here are some top brands we work with:

  • Filehorse
  • Aptoide
  • Adobe
  • ExpressVPN
  • Avast

Case Studies

Are You Ready to Ramp Up Site Monetization?

We’ve already helped over 50 brands reach real potential when it comes to ad monetization. As an example, Aptoide has reported a 319% overall increase on its site and affiliated pages. Filehorse has shown a 67% increase in revenue thanks to the rev·amp solution. The list goes on and on, but we think you get the picture.

The rev·amp is ready to help you grow ad monetization on your site so that you don’t have to struggle with any of those other platforms out there. You won’t have to just deal with a tech solution, but you’ll have at hand a human-centric approach that actually caters to the reader’s needs.

Be sure to visit the rev·amp site and contact our team to see how they can help grow your ad revenue.

Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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