Rockstar creates Spotify and iTunes playlists for GTA radio stations

One thing that never changes in Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series is the excellent selection of music on the radio stations. Now Rockstar has recreated the radio stations as Spotify playlists and collections you can buy in iTunes.

From hip hop to house, classic rock to eighties electro pop and modern soul, the selection of songs in Grand Theft Auto is unequaled in video games. Every genre they pick is treated with love and an impressive depth of knowledge, so even if you have never played GTA, you can guarantee the music in these playlists will be great. Check them all out here.

Not all of the music is available in the playlists, as some of the tracks are not yet available on Spotify or iTunes.

Of course, another attraction of the GTA radio stations was the conversation and adverts. These are missing from the playlists, but you can still listen most of the adverts at The Advertising Council. Rockstar’s GTA advert archive is currently missing Grand Theft Auto IV ads, but there’s still plenty to enjoy from ICE Diamonds, Yuppie and the Alien, and 1-800-I-SUE-YOU.

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