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Say goodbye to Photoshop: Meet the 5 best online photo editing alternatives

Nacho Requena Molina


Have you ever needed to edit an image quickly and not had a photo editing program handy? It happens to us all the time, so it’s time to look for alternatives to conventional software. Today at Softonic, we’ll help you say goodbye to Photoshop with these five online photo editors.

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Add Text

The name says what it does. With Add Text, we can add text to our images. The platform provides different types of fonts, as well as custom sizes. Above all, this web page is designed for making memes quickly and easily. In fact, it lets you create several text layers to place them wherever you like.

This image manager is fairly basic, though you can use it for a quick job if you need to.

Be Funky

In our opinion, one of the best out there: Be Funky. The editor above is simple, but Be Funky has tons of commands you’re already familiar with if you use Photoshop. For example, you can crop photos, adjust exposure (brightness, shading, etc.), control saturation and all its parameters (colors, tones, etc.), and adjust photo clarity.

Plus, it’s compatible with cell phones, so you can edit the photo from both your PC and your smartphone.

Image Blur

It may be dicey to list Image Blur as a photo editor… but we couldn’t leave this special tool out. With this platform, you can blur any part of your photo. You know what we’re talking about: that blurry section in many images where personal info appears.

In general, this tool is often used by the media, since it’s important to blur sections of an image for privacy reasons.

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Pic Monkey

The four or five main commands of this photo editor can save your life. Welcome to Pic Monkey, a photo editor for everyday situations. This includes retouching, adding text, changing light settings and a bit more. For our tastes, it’s a step below average, but it’s useful and, of course, free (which is important).


The most comprehensive option on the list: Pixlr. You’ve definitely heard of this one if you like photography, since it’s got (almost) all the tools that Adobe Photoshop does. Paintbrushes, clone stamps, exposure, saturation, cropping, filters, layers, light settings… The possibilities on Pixlr are endless. It’s sure to become your favorite app once you start using it.

The platform has a free option available for everybody, though there’s also a PRO option with enhanced features.

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