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5 shows to watch after Game of Thrones

Alex LaFreniere


After 8 years and 8 seasons, it’s finally time to say goodbye to “Game of Thrones.” HBO’s hit series is finally over, and for many people, that’s going to mean that’s going to leave a pretty significant void to fill. Though the “Game of Thrones” might be over, there are still plenty of shows out there that can scratch that itch and help cure those post-“Thrones” blues.

5 shows to watch after Game of Thrones

5. The Borgias

the borgias
Image courtesy Showtime

If you loved the parts of Game of Thrones set among the scheming nobles and politicians of King’s Landing, “The Borgias” might be the show for you. It follows the titular Borgia family and their ascent to power in Renaissance-era Italy, and it isn’t an easy journey. Schemes, murders, conspiracies, and romance follow, and the Borgias need to stay together if they hope to stay one step ahead of their enemies. Jeremy Irons helms the cast as family patriarch Rodrigo Borgia, an intelligent and cunning power-player that we think would give Tywin Lannister a run for his money. Unlike “Game of Thrones,” however, The Borgias is based on the real-life Borgia family, so many events portrayed on the show actually happened in history.

Where to watch: Netflix

4. Vikings

Image courtesy World 2000 Entertainment

If the sweeping, epic battles like the showdown between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton are more your thing, you might want to check out “Vikings.” Based on a real historical hero, the series follows Ragnar Lothbrok on a journey from young warrior to leader of the Viking tribes. It’s a journey that reminds us a bit of Jon Snow’s plotlines, and aside from that, the show has a distinctly Northern flavor that brings to mind the stories set north of the Wall with the Wildling camps. There’s also, of course, more than enough combat and swordplay to satisfy even the most bloodthirsty “Thrones” fan.

Where to watch: iTunes or Amazon Prime

3. Peaky Blinders

peaky blinders
Image courtesy BBC

“Peaky Blinders” is set in the criminal underworld of 1920s England, where the Shelby gang fights to maintain their place among the vicious rival gangs. Tommy Shelby, the gang’s leader, is a cold and calculating war veteran that leads his gang with his cunning mind and ruthlessness. Peaky Blinders strikes the same balance as “Thrones,” using strong characters to service intricate plotlines and high stakes. There are also a few “Thrones” actors in the cast; fans will recognize Aiden Gillen, who played Littlefinger, appearing as gangster and hitman Aberama Gold.

Where to watch: Netflix

2. Black Sails

black sails
Image courtesy Film Afrika Worldwide

The characters of “Black Sails” make Euron Greyjoy look like an amateur. Set during the Golden Age of Piracy, the show is actually supposed to be a prequel to the famed Robert Louis Stevenson novel “Treasure Island.” The series blends real historical figures like pirates Charles Vane and Anne Bonny with fictional swashbucklers like Long John Silver. There is, of course, plenty of action, scheming, and even a touch of the supernatural. The plot and storylines are incredibly intricate, and reminiscent of the earlier seasons of “Thrones” where the interplay between characters and their motivations was at the forefront.

Where to watch: Starz

1. Westworld

Image courtesy HBO

How better to mark the ending of one HBO series than by starting another?
“Westworld” takes all the best parts of the “Game of Thrones” formula and gives them a shiny new paint job. In the future, wealthy patrons can pay to attend the Westworld theme park, which is essentially a real-life videogame populated by life-like AI. While guests enjoy their Wild West inspired fun, it soon becomes apparent that something sinister is going on behind the scenes. Like “Thrones,” the story rotates between several simultaneous plotlines and characters that will leave you on the edge of your seat. The cast is also impeccable, with particularly noteworthy performances from Evan Rachel Wood, Anthony Hopkins, and Ed Harris as the villainous Man in Black. Take note, “Thrones” fans: it might be time to swap your swords for a six-shooter.

Where to watch: HBO

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