Simulate Leopard on your Mac

Give your Mac a leopard-skin overhaulIf you’ve spent the last few days drooling over the new features included in OSX 10.5 Leopard but can’t afford to upgrade yet then calm down. If you want a glimpse into how the new operating system might look and behave then I can reccommend a couple of downloads you might like to install on your current system.

The first is the imaginatively-titled Liger, a customisation tool that makes it look like you’re running Leopard on OSX Tiger. The free application replicates the sleek new semi-transparent menu bar, and the new Dock look with a remarkable degree of accuracy. Another neat feature in Leopard is its ability to create a widget from any part of a web page. Dash Clipping gives you a feel for how this might work, by allowing you to select any part of a site and view it from your desktop.

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