Skype – not just for computers!

Skype – not just for computers!

I love Skype and use it all the time, and I bet lots of you do too. I have to confess that I use the standard laptop + webcam combo most often, but just the other day I was reminded of all the other ways there are of using the service. Did you know you can use Skype on your iPhone? PSP? Your TV?!


Despite the options available, most people use Skype on their home computer. The famous VoIP developers have all angles covered, from Windows to Mac and even Linux. There’s even a business version for people who want to use it professionally – and they should. Businesses that advertise online but have no Skype support drive me crazy!

Obviously there’s no use limiting such great technology to your home, which is why Skype is also available for iPhone, Windows Mobile and Symbian. Regardless of where you are and what cell phone you’re using, there’s really no need to miss out on the wonder-app.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you already knew about those Skype options – you are technology fans, after all – but what about Skype for your PSP? As long as your PSP is from the 2000 series, and you have a WiFi connection, headphones and a few other bits, you can use Skype as if you were at home. You’ll have to set up the service first, but once you do, you’ll have another way of calling family and friends for free.


I’ve saved the best until last – Skype on your TV. Ok,  it’s not possible right now, but it will be very soon. Just think – your boy/girlfriend’s handsome/pretty face in 48” HD, or long conversations with your grandmother while relaxing on the sofa – it’ll be almost as good as being there in person! Skype are slating this spring for the release of the Skype-enabled TVs and special webcams you’ll need, so watch this space!

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