Are you Ready for the Exciting Sniffer Minecraft 1.2 Mob Rollout Details?

Are you Ready for the Exciting Sniffer Minecraft 1.2 Mob Rollout Details?
Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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All of us Minecraft fans are getting excited about the upcoming 1.2 update rollout, which is set to have several pleasant new crafting features. One of them is the new archeology aspect, which ties into the latest mob to be voted as part of the package. It’s called the Sniffer, and it’s going to help you find ancient artifacts. 

Recently, Mojang announced that it would be adding Archeology to Minecraft. The idea is that you can find suspicious sand in the desert, which is a new block that’s almost hidden. When located, you’ll dig up ancient pottery shards that you can put together and place in your home.

Minecraft 1.2 Mob Sniffer

How does this relate to the new mob coming to Minecraft? Well, the community held a vote for which mob they wanted to see next, and the Sniffer won. According to the details so far, the mob will be able to detect suspicious sand that holds precious seeds of ancient flowers. You will then be able to plant them around your home or by your farm.

There’s even a fun way to tame the Sniffer, but you won’t find them naturally in the Overworld. You’ll need to find eggs and then spawn a Snifflet, which you can then raise until it’s old enough to sniff out those ancient seeds. For the moment, the new mob will only appear in Creative mode until Mojang sorts out any bugs that may appear.

Minecraft 1.2 Mob Sniffer 3

What would be fun is if they one day include finding dinosaur fossils in the sand. We could then reconstruct them piece by piece to put on display in our Minecraft homes. Also, they could play with a Jurassic Park idea of reviving them somehow so we can mount and ride them.

Yes, I have a vivid imagination. I’m a fantasy writer, after all.

After the previous snapshot of the armor trims for the Minecraft Java edition, it’s good to know update 1.2 will roll out to all versions and platforms. I recently returned to playing the game with the Caves and Cliffs update. In my latest Twitch stream, I actually took a trip to one of my favorite worlds

Minecraft update 1.20

I showcased my 101 x 101 block pyramid, the treehouse building, the massive quarry my family and I have been working on for years, and the castle land I’m still building with a huge portcullis gate that used to work before the Caves and Cliffs update messed something up with the Redstone configuration.

I’m excited to see the Sniffer join this Minecraft world, along with the Archeological elements.

Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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