Software for aspiring property magnates

Rent logoDo you fancy yourself as a bit of a property tycoon or have you acquired another property for rental? If so, you’ll be entering the murky world of being a landlord and have to deal with all the hassles and responsibilities that come with it. That is, unless you’re like my old landlord and decide to go live in India whilst the bank evicts your tenants.

First-up, you’ll need to be organized to deal with all those maintenance issues, rent deadlines and tax returns. In which case, I recommend Landlord Manager for a comprehensive organizer or for those with a seriously large amount of property on their hands, LandlordMax Property. If you’re going to splash out on new mortgage for a buy-to-let property, you’ll find that The Mortgage Toolbox offers everything you need including special requirements for these types of rental mortgages.

Or, if like many young people across the world, you’ve got little hope of owning your own property never mind renting out another one, then you can always fantasise with Real E$tate Empire. This realistic SimCity-style game simulates real life fluctuations in property markets and all the barriers that developers encounter when they try to buy huge swathes of land. Or if it’s the world of corporate property you dream of developing, Venture provides an absorbing and realistic simulation.

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