Software for churches and ministers

Father TedThe software world can be a very unholy one at the best of times but it can also help those with a faith to spread the word. In particular, developers have identified churches and ministers as those two key areas of Christianity where software can really help.

Need to keep track of your congregation or church members? Church Basics Membership helps you manage church activities such as prayer groups, choir sessions and contact details. Want to test your or your congregations knowledge of the good book? Scripture Challenge has over 3000 questions and answers based on the Bible. This is also an original way for ministers to teach their congregation about important passages from the Bible.

If you’re a minister, maybe you’re tired of all the paperwork getting in the way of more important things. Ministry Assistant helps keep track of all the essential work and tasks that need to be done around your church. Last but not least, keeping donations flowing in may always be tough but it can be made a lot easier by using Donarius. This cross network application allows you to share your findings with other ministries to make your funding sources a little clearer.

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