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Top 8 Real Estate Software Solutions: A Guide for Agents in 2023

Explore top 8 real estate software solutions in 2023: overview, uses, features, pricing

Top 8 Real Estate Software Solutions: A Guide for Agents in 2023
Sabina Sher

Sabina Sher

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When negotiating real estate deals, success means more than just satisfied customers; it means referrals that keep your business thriving.

And, of course, using software for real estate agents to help you provide a superior client experience is essential. By optimizing your potential and decreasing your office workload, these tools can help you take full advantage of all your talents while closing deals more rapidly. Our research team carefully considered each category’s purpose to create the ideal business tools in different categories.

  • Marketing Software: Improve your marketing efforts with tools designed to increase listing visibility and engage prospective clients.
  • Property Management Software: Property Management Software streamlines property, tenant and maintenance management operations so real estate operations run more smoothly.
  • CRM solutions for Accounting firms: Custom-made CRM solutions help maintain client relationships and efficiently handle financial aspects of real estate investment firms.
  • Accounting software: Stay informed about your company’s financial health and track its finances easily with accounting software.

We want to help you make informed decisions when you build your real estate arsenal by mapping these categories with essential business needs, including tracking agent activity. 

Marketing software

FuseBase (formerly Nimbus)

Combine team and client collaboration in one place

FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) is a client collaboration software that embraces the best features of the marketing software tool. Tailored specifically for client-oriented businesses, it solves the needs of real estate agencies in terms of marketing and collaboration. 

FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) has wider and more versatile functionality than any other marketing software system. What distinguishes FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) from other competitors across industries is a holistic approach. One platform combines an internal back office to organize teamwork and external portals to engage with clients. Real estate agents can greatly benefit from such integrity in their day-to-day client interactions and getting new leads.

Marketing professionals within the real estate industry can use FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) to streamline their processes, boost client satisfaction rates and increase brand presence. Real estate teams can gather, manage and polish all their marketing materials in an internal back office. Then, with no code involved, they can create single-property websites where all materials, virtual tours and listings are presented and tracked.

Who is it for?

FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) was carefully created to address specific requirements of real estate agents, marketing professionals, content producers and marketing teams working within the real estate domain. As the market leader in its category, its user-friendly portals make client interactions seamless.

Key features

  • Client portals. No code nature of the portal makes it easy for a real estate agent to tailor the portal to a particular client or build single-property websites. By making a client portal a place for interaction with a customer, real estate agents can easily share offers and provide documents, show visual tours and track interesting options in real time. Marketing specialists can be especially interested in turning client portals into a company’s website. A simple website builder and White Label solution help to create an attractive and professional image for new leads easily.
  • Communication options. Real estate agents can always keep their clients in the loop via built-in portal chats and leaving comments inside documents. A system of automatic reminders can help real estate teams and their clients not to forget to add important details to their deals.
  • Integrations. FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) offers up to 2k different integrations into the platform. Real estate agents and their marketing teams can add Google Analytics reports and other professional tools to track clients’ behavior, form a content library for visual tours and more.
  • Versatile information management. FuseBase’ (formerly Nimbus) hierarchical organization of information through workspaces and folders gives real estate marketers and agents a powerful tool for organizing marketing-related internal data efficiently. Real estate teams can track client contact details, content schedules and campaign performance to keep marketing efforts on track and stay organized.


  • Free plan and free trial available
  • Paid plans start at $9/month per user


kvCORE is a real estate marketing solution for agents that offers features specifically designed to boost marketing efforts in this industry, like giving access to MLS Data and creating interactive presentations and social media posts.

kvCORE offers a comprehensive real estate platform designed for modern brokerages. kvCORE is the perfect way to start any real estate company. It offers powerful marketing tools to generate leads and customizable IDX sites. Plus, its SMART-CRM uses behavioral automation to alert agents when to contact leads based on interactions with your website or ads (also included with KvCORE). You can also add social media marketing capabilities, listings management and back-office functionality to create a valuable tech ecosystem.

Who is it for?

The lead generation software is a great choice for real estate brokerages, enterprises, team leaders and agents.

Key features

  • Lead generation tool. KvCORE provides marketing tools for lead-generation efforts via landing pages, website forms and marketing campaigns.
  • Email marketing. An effective way to nurture client relationships and engage prospects through targeted emails, KvCORE CRM integration enables agents to track leads, interactions with clients and transactions in one central place.
  • KvCORE CRM integration. Agents can track leads, interactions with clients and transactions.
  • Analytical/Reporting tool. With these tools, assess the results of marketing initiatives and pinpoint areas that need improvement.


  • You can request a Demo version.
  • Contact kvCORE to get information about pricing.


BoomTown is the only specialized lead generating and management platform in the business. It provides real estate agents, teams and brokerages with strong marketing and lead capture tools, including automated lead nurturing process and automated messages. ONLY INTENDED FOR USE IN REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS. When compared to other CRM systems, BoomTown offers a stronger return on investment. It enables you to generate new leads, maintain databases effectively and increase agent productivity all from a single spot, which ultimately results in twice as many leads and a 33% higher commission income. What distinguishes BoomTown from other virtual worlds is its features, dissected in greater detail below.

Who is it for?

Residential real estate professionals looking to accelerate the expansion of their businesses.

Key features

  • Lead Generation. Lead capture forms, landing pages and online advertisements are some of the lead generation tools and methods that BoomTown offers. These tools and strategies are aimed at driving prospective buyers and sellers to your real estate company.
  • Integration of the Website and the IDX. BoomTown offers real estate easily customizable professionals websites that come equipped with integrated IDX/MLS capabilities, which make it easy for real estate professionals to feature listings and gather leads directly through their websites.
  • Mobile app. BoomTown gives real estate brokers access to a mobile app that allows them to manage leads and keep clients informed while they are on the go.
  • Integration. Because of its integration capabilities, it serves as a primary hub for real estate industry specialists.


Contact sales to get info about pricing.

 CRM for accounting firms


Agents adore Insightly’s contemporary, cheap real estate CRM software, which offers basic CRM functionality, including the ability to store documents. This market leader real estate software is simple to use and modify.  It scales with companies as they develop and helps tackle common real estate CRM issues. 

Powerful in any vertical, Insightly CRM software customers may add marketing automation, customer care and connectors to the same platform. With easy integration with top platforms, Insightly’s real estate CRM software helps you interact with customers and align teams beyond sales.

Who is it for?

A robust, low-cost and scalable cloud-based CRM system is ideal for rapidly expanding businesses across all industries and will perfectly fit small businesses.

Key features

  • Customer Relationship Management. Relationships matter. Delivering your promises efficiently will help you improve every relationship and grow your business, including effective contact management. With this real estate industry leader, you can break communication barriers by making all necessary information for each deal available to all key stakeholders. As a result, your business processes will improve while offering superior experiences to ensure faster growth.
  • Sales pipeline & lead management. This user-friendly platform opens doors by turning leads into sales. Take note of pertinent details for every lead, then distribute leads based on the criteria you set up.
  • Sales lead tracking and opportunity management. Your sales process can be expedited by using pipelines to effectively track, manage and nurture deals efficiently. Gain insights into how your business is progressing as well as possible risks, customize pipelines accordingly, manage opportunities more easily and accelerate sales and delivery speed.
  • Business workflow and process automation. Automate manual, repetitive tasks to free up your time. Eliminate human error. Reduce the number of redundant tasks and processes. Email, reminders and onboarding stages can help you scale faster. Improve employee engagement by freeing your team of low-value tasks.


  • Free trial available
  • Plus – $29/month per user
  • Professional – $49/month per user
  • Enterprise – $99/month per user


A perfect real estate agent software to increase production and profit. Real estate CRM Accelo helps SMB professional service firms manage clients with tools and resources. The cloud-based platform manages sales, bids, projects, tickets, retainers, timesheets, billing and scheduling. 

This real estate CRMS goes beyond customer management. It’s your one-stop shop to streamline all your procedures. Accelo lets you nurture prospective consumers and build long-term client connections to stay competitive and spend less time on back-end admin. The largest benefit of Accelo real estate CRM platforms is running your business from prospect to payment more efficiently and profitably.

Who is it for?

Global providers and agents of professional services rely on and praise this real estate agent software to efficiently and profitably handle their clients’ work.

Key features

  • Sales. Track notes, appointments, emails, attachments and custom fields to stay on top of deals and increase sales. With a few options at your disposal, you can tailor your approach to each client’s needs, utilizing predictive analytics to enhance your sales strategies.
  • Projects. You can manage your projects in real-time, see the plans of your team members and make or change project clients.
  • Tickets. The real estate CRM lets you manage your inbox and requests from the client portal in one convenient location for faster ticket resolution.
  • Retainers. Streamline continuing processes and optimize billing and renewal.
  • Billing. Bulk mail bills with attached time and work records.
  • Reports. Automatically generate and quickly access the data you require to make smarter business decisions.


  • Plus – $24/month per user
  • Premium – $39/month per user
  • Bundle – $89/month per user

Accounting software


When it comes to transaction management, managing accounting data and speeding up the closing process, NetSuite real estate software platform has you covered. For over 20 years, NetSuite has led the cloud ERP market, providing organizations with the insight, control and agility they need to develop and expand their operations. 

Data inefficiencies and mistake rates are reduced thanks to automated processes, real-time metrics, management dashboards and reports that enable businesses to keep tabs on operations and maintain tight financial management. In addition to making data securely accessible anywhere in the world, NetSuite is among those real estate software tools that support multiple currencies, languages and compliance standards.

Who is it for?

NetSuite would be the right software for everyone; it can fit small businesses or some multinational corporations. This consulting real estate software helps keep tabs on everything from sales to project costs in real-time and keeps everything running smoothly.

Key features

  • Financial management. Accelerate the closing of financial books by streamlining everyday transactions. You can see your financial performance at every level, down to individual transactions in real-time.
  • Controlling taxes. Use a single, intuitive platform to manage your company’s tax obligations domestically and internationally, with reporting that drills down to the line item level. 
  • Controlling orders. Remove unnecessary steps and address any mistakes that slow down the ordering process to ensure sales quotes and orders are processed concurrently, payments and invoices are submitted on time and leads are nurtured effectively.
  • Cash management. Finance teams require visibility and reporting tools to optimize cash flow, monitor bank accounts and manage liquidity. With NetSuite you can be more strategic than ever by having access to an all-encompassing picture of the company’s cash flow and financial situation, utilizing predictive analytics for effective guidance of strategies while driving leads through data-driven insights.


Contact NetSuite to get information about pricing.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online provides simple bookkeeping and transaction management software designed to keep all your financial records organized. From anywhere—mobile phone or desktop computer—QuickBooks’ smart solutions for business are worth the learning curve. With QuickBooks Online, you’ll be able to keep all your records in order, issue invoices, monitor stock levels and manage employee payroll without hassle—speeding up processes while saving time and speeding payments is easy!

Who is it for?

QuickBooks Online can assist any real estate individual agent, property manager and investor with managing money efficiently while keeping an eye on spending data and creating financial reports.

Key features

  • Income and expense tracking. QuickBooks automatically syncs all your credit card and bank transactions so it’s easier for you to track income and expenses, making managing finances simpler and impressing potential clients more attainable. You can connect your apps for mobile income tracking anywhere; QuickBooks Payments matches and records customer payments,  keeping all your books organized into one central place.
  • Invoicing. Invoice your customers online using credit and debit cards by adding an invoice button with payment links on it. Automate recurring bills, track the status of invoices and send payment reminders directly from QuickBooks. Create customized invoices bearing your logo before sending them directly out from QuickBooks.
  • Cash flow forecasting. Be proactive by forecasting cash flow 30 and 90 days out, using income statements, balance sheets and cash flow forecasting statements. Cash flow reports provide invaluable insight into your finances – particularly useful when producing detailed property reports. Transactions can also be synced directly to your dashboard so you can keep an eye on all business accounts at once.
  • Reports. Export and run reports, including balance sheets, profit and loss, expenses and detailed market reports. You can customize your reports so they are more tailored to your needs.


  • Free trial available
  • Simple Start – $30/month
  • Essentials – $60/month
  • Plus –  $90/month
  • Advanced –  $200/month

Property management software


Professional property managers rely on Buildium because it allows them to accomplish most real estate business operations on one platform, including open house digital sign-in, drip campaigns, Internet Data Exchange and increased revenue per tenant.

The program is an all-inclusive suite that provides more of the promised “all.” Everything from accounting and communication to leasing and the best mobile apps is here. 

Buildium was designed to provide you complete command over your business, regardless of its size or scope and increase your revenue per customer.  

It helps with keeping track of tenants, leases, service requests and the money side of managing rental properties. 

Who is it for?

It’s the right software for property managers specializing in residential properties, managers of mixed-use properties and administrators using Buildium for their entire business operations process.

Key features

  • Leasing. Streamline the entire lead-to-lease process by moving it online. Promote available housing and arrange for viewings with minimal effort. Create unique rental listings and conduct thorough background checks on potential tenants, all while implementing open house marketing automation and automated lead nurturing.
  • Accounting & transaction management. By automating mundane tasks like bookkeeping and payments, save time and energy. Control every step of the payment process digitally. Don’t let your property or business’s books become out of order. 
  • Business performance. Get a complete picture of your portfolio’s status with the help of detailed reports. Analytics and insights can help you manage your company strategically. Using the Open API to create in-house connections is a powerful way to add muscle to data workflows.
  • Marketing. Create a free website dedicated to property management to promote your business, showcase your listings and highlight your services. Use All Property Management to reach out to landlords actively looking for your services, both locally and nationally.


  • Essential – starting at $52/month
  • Growth – starting at $166/month
  • Premium – starting at $479/month

Bonus: Software powerpack for small real estate agencies

FuseBase (formerly Nimbus)

FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) is the number one choice for client-oriented businesses and, therefore, is among the best real estate marketing software solutions. As a result of its advanced features that simplify marketing processes while enhancing client collaboration and strengthening branding, FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) has quickly become a market leader among marketing professionals and teams. Hierarchically arranged websites empower real estate marketing experts to efficiently organize client data, while streamlining collaboration on marketing projects.

Client portals are an invaluable asset to clients of real estate agents, marketing professionals, content producers and teams alike. FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) is a robust client collaboration and real estate marketing management solution used by real estate professionals. FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) can transform your real estate business. Try it today!


The Insightly real estate CRM solution provides organizations of all sizes and in a wide range of sectors with a low-cost integrated CRM choice that is easy to use and scalable to meet their evolving requirements. Customer Relationship Management (CRM), sales pipeline & lead management, lead generation, tracking & opportunity management and business workflow & process automation are Insightly’s strongest points; these features centralize customer data management, streamline lead management and provide valuable insight that fuels business growth. Users love them for their intuitive design and adaptability.


A true real estate professional knows how crucial marketing software is. kvCORE distinguishes itself from the competition as a comprehensive marketing and lead generation solution that is geared specifically toward real estate agents. Real estate professionals of all types benefit from its use; from group managers and agents to cutting-edge agencies and corporations. You can take advantage of all its lead generation tools, IDX websites with behavioral automation features and SMART CRM platforms with similar automation features, which provide all you need for success in today’s highly competitive real estate market.

Wrapping up

There are many software for real estate agents to be more productive and provide better service.

This list of top real estate software will make finding leads, marketing properties, creating listings and showing residences easier and quicker without wasting too much time. 

With such programs available to agents today, staying organized, streamlining processes and increasing efficiency become key components to having a successful career in real estate.

No matter if you are an independent real estate agent, part of a small team or work for a large brokerage, your productivity can be improved using any one of the real estate tools mentioned here. 

Stay inspired!

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