Software tips for Posh Spice

Software tips for Posh Spice

Software for Victoria BeckhamNow that our dear friend Victoria Beckham has been living in the States for a couple of months, I’m sure she’s had enough time to settle down and organize her stressful life. However, I thought we may as well give her some tips on software tools that can help little Vicky in many ways. You know, even big stars like her use a computer, as long as it has some Swarovski stones stuck on it, of course.

Now, the first thing Posh Spice will probably do when she wakes up at noon in the morning is some exercise. She can easily keep track of her progress with Fitness Assistant while also controlling her diet with EGDiet. Note: I don’t know if she’s on a diet for sure, but she must be: you can’t have that almost bidimensional body if you eat normally.

Time to go shopping! Dear Victoria, forget about cash desk queues and mall crowds: you can have fun at home with games like Shopping Marathon or even build your own empire with Posh Shop (no relation). In case you don’t find anything in the stores of Rodeo Drive, you can always design your own clothing line with Virtual Fashion. And when your clothes collection starts to overwhelm you, don’t freak out: use Dress Assistant and you’ll keep everything under control.

After such a stressful time I’m sure Posh must be tired, so what about paying a visit to the hairdresser? Relax while you receive a sweet head massage and get a new hair look! Don’t be worried about the final result, because you can check it out with Hair Pro before actually trimming or dyeing anything.

New clothes, new look, is there anything left for Victoria to do? Well, maybe she’d like to refurbish their multi-million-dollar mansion with Sweet Home 3D, or even follow David’s team progress in Major League Soccer with Ltrack. But my personal advice here, after what I’ve seen, is to practice a bit with this online driving school game.

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