Speeding up eMule

emule2.jpgAs one of the veterans of the P2P file-sharing world, eMule is still used by millions to exchange files over the Net. Although its return on searches is pretty impressive, we’ve always been a little disappointed by the speed at which the client transfers files, which is a tad sluggish compared with the likes of Ares and Limewire.

We’ve just come across a way you can inject a bit more pace into the old nag by changing the ‘Upload Limit’ option within the ‘Preferences’ menu. When you are downloading data, the client must send an ‘ack’ (acknowlegement) to the server. If your upload stream is running at your connection limit these ‘acks’ wont get back/will be slowed down so you won’t be sent the next little bit. Setting the upload cap to about 70% to 90% of your total upload total capacity should improve download speed and ensure that the client doesn’t get clogged by sending unnecessary ‘ack’ data.

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