Star Wars Pinball out now for iOS

Star Wars Pinball out now for iOS

Zen Studio’s Star Wars Pinball is now available for iOS (iPad and iPhone). The game comes with one table, and there are in-app purchases for additional tables. Zen Studios has made a great name for itself with Pinball FX and Zen Pinball, so it’s great to see it bring Star Wars tables to iOS.

All the tables in Star Wars Pinball are new and original – these are not versions of classic branded tables from the 80s. Like Zen Pinball, Star Wars Pinball mixes great feeling physics with cool effects that you can’t see in real life.

Zen Studios’ Mel Kirk said the toughest thing about the Star Wars franchise was picking what to use. ‘The universe is so big, there are so many memorable characters and moments – it was a challenge to simply pick what to use in this first set of tables.’

The game is full of samples and sound effects that will be immediately familiar to any fan of Star Wars. Check out some screenshots below.

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