SwiftKey update features custom keyboards

SwiftKey update features custom keyboards

SwiftKey, the third-party keyboard for Android, received a major update today. The company has consolidated all of its apps into one app, getting rid of its tablet specific keyboard altogether. The update also features custom keyboards, allowing users to move the keyboard around, change its size, and more. Previously, these features were only available in the SwiftKey beta but is now available to all SwiftKey users.

SwiftKey custom keyboards updated

Custom keyboards can be accessed by holding down the SwiftKey/numbers button when the keyboard is pulled up. You’ll see options for setting, themes, undocking, resizing, and other keyboard layouts. “Full” offers a traditional keyboard layout, “Thumb” splits the keyboard into two parts for large screen devices like tablets, and “Compact” shrinks and moves the keyboard to the side for easy one-handed typing.

SwiftKey custom keyboard settings

Each of the three keyboard layouts can also be resized. Those who have trouble with accuracy can make their keyboard larger to avoid typos while power users can shrink the keyboard to view more content. Users can even undock the keyboard and drag it around the screen.

While this is limited use on a phone, it will appeal to tablet users since they can split the keyboard and drag each section of the keyboard to a different part of the screen. This makes landscape typing easy.

SwiftKey custom keyboard size comparison updated

SwiftKey Cloud is still here, helping you sync your customization between your Android devices. Flow gesture typing also works very well with the new layouts, especially with one-handed typing.

You can download the latest version of SwiftKey for Android here.


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