Nintendo Switch gets two new models

Coming off the Nintendo Switch’s second birthday, the much-beloved console playable at home and on-the-go will be getting two new models.

According to an article from The Wall Street Journal, the Nintendo Switch will receive two new models later this year. The first new model is a beefed-up version for more hardcore gamers who want to play with the same graphic capabilities of systems like the PS4.

The second model is supposed to be cheaper, more focused on the Switch’s handheld aspect and possibly a replacement for the Nintendo 3DS. The second model also will not have some of the features of the original Nintendo Switch (for example, that model wouldn’t have vibrating controllers).

Nintendo is expected to announce the new systems this June at E3, and the consoles are expected to be released this summer prior to the release of “Pokémon Sword,” “Pokémon Shield” and “Animal Crossing.” This will be the first E3 for Doug Bowser, the new president and COO of Nintendo, after the retirement of Reggie Fils-Aimé back in February.

Nintendo ran out of the gate this year with several games announced in February’s Nintendo Direct, and the long-awaited eighth generation of Pokemon announced two weeks later.

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