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Elena Santos

Elena Santos

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Foxmarks Bookmark SynchronizerIt wouldn’t be too daring to say that many Internet users have at least two computers. The most usual combinations are desktop and laptop, or home and school/office computer. With Firefox installed on each of these systems, how are we supposed to manage bookmarks across them?

The answer is Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer, a Firefox extension that syncs bookmarks between all your computers so that you can always have them at hand, whether you’re working with your laptop at home or you’re using your desktop PC at the office.

Foxmarks requires two important things: first, a free user account that can be created right after installation; second, it has to be installed on each computer where you want to have synced bookmarks. Once you meet these two simple requirements, you’re ready to create the first copy of your bookmarks and sync it later on with your other computers.

The best thing about this extension is that it keeps an eye on your bookmark collection, so that whenever you add a new link it automatically updates its copy with the changes and synchronizes all bookmarks across all your Firefox installations.

Oh, and for those concerned about privacy, don’t worry: Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer encrypts your bookmarks and also allows you to upload them to your own server for more security.

Elena Santos

Elena Santos

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