Ten great Windows 7 themes

Ten great Windows 7 themes

The built-in desktop themes in Windows 7 are quite attractive, but they are very generic and lack originality.
If you really want your Windows 7 computer to stand out from the rest then you can download new Windows 7 themes to add personality to your desktop. Downloadable themes normally include wallpapers, icons, sounds, and personalized cursors.

Here are ten popular Windows 7 themes on Softonic that will transform your desktop into a thing of beauty.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is one of the most successful video games of the last few years. In it, you need to catapult birds at the constructions in order to kill their arch enemies, the noisy pigs.

This Angry Birds theme pays homage to the popular mobile game, and is the perfect option for those millions who are hooked on the game. The theme includes 21 wallpapers, five icons, and three personalized sound files.


It’s that time of year again when it’s time to start putting the Christmas decorations up. When decking with holly this year, why stop at just the halls? You could also think about giving your computer a festive overhaul.

This elegant Christmas theme brings a taste of the season to your desktop. It includes nine fun desktop wallpapers with diverse images of Santa Claus and other Christmas images. It also includes five Christmassy icons, and 15 animated cursors.


Lamborghini is the brand responsible for some of the most powerful supercars ever, including the Diablo, the Countach, and the Murciélago.

With this Lamborghini theme for Windows 7 you can bring the magic of these great vehicles to your desktop. In it you’ll find 27 spectacular wallpapers, five icons, and examples of the metallic roar of the Lamborghini engine in the form of three sound files.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Arguably the most skilled martial art-performing reptiles in the world, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a real force to be reckoned with.

If you’re a fan of the pizza-guzzling superheroes you’ll love this Windows 7 theme. The Ninja Turtles theme includes 27 attractive desktop backgrounds, five custom icons, three great sound files and 12 animated cursors. Cowabunga dudes!

Call of Duty

Another popular game of the last few years, Call of Duty has revolutionized the world of war games. The latest version of the series of games, Modern Warfare 3 is one of the best titles in the history of video gaming.

Although this Call of Duty theme doesn’t include any personalized icons, it will delight fans of the saga thanks to its 10 desktop wallpapers with images from the various different episodes.

Twilight Breaking Dawn

If you’re a serious ‘Twihard’, you’ve probably already decked out your computer with various Twilight-themed programs, like Twilight IM icons or a wallpaper depicting a scene from one of the movies.

But install this Twilight Breaking Dawn Theme and you’ll be able to feed your obsession with the fantasy movie series even further. The theme includes 10 image stills from the latest installment of the movie, although there are no Twilight-themed icons included.


Naruto: Shippuden is a popular anime series that was originally adapted from the second part of the Naruto manga series in Japan. The series follows an adolescent ninja who’s striving for recognition and respect within his village.

Fans of this series will enjoy the Naruto: Shippuden Theme that will dress up their Windows 7 desktop with a variety of images from the fifth installment of this popular series. The images are high quality, and taken directly from the series. Naruto: Shippuden Theme features several popular characters among the selected images, including Naruto, Sakura and Konohamaru, among others.

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is one of the bloodiest beat-em-ups of its era, and the game still has millions of fans all over the world.

If you’re one of them then make sure you download this free Windows 7 theme, featuring a range of characters from the game. Though there aren’t a lot of extras included, the Mortal Kombat theme does feature some impressive stills of your favorite fighters from the game. It’s a must-have desktop add-on for all fighting game fans.


The series Lost is generally considered to be one of the best science fiction series of all time. It was also, in some part, responsible for the boom in the popularity of big budget American TV series around the globe.

In this Lost theme for Windows 7 you’ll find 31 desktop wallpapers featuring scenes and promotional images from the show. There’s also a stylish personalized cursor, five icons (though these are a bit too generic), and three sound files with the famous music of the series.

Visual Themes Pack

If none of the above themes have caught your eye then this Visual Themes Pack will surely contain something that you’ll like.

The pack includes 13 different themes to decorate your Windows 7 machine. The themes are very varied and include everything from a snake theme to a Homer Simpson skin. There’s also a theme for the fantastic game, Team Fortress 2.

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