Ten handy web apps

worldwideweb.jpgDuring the last few months we’ve witnessed the progressive development of web applications as a perfectly valid alternative to traditional desktop software. Online bookmark managers, photo organizers, word processors and so on have entered the flow of our daily tasks to such an extent that some people have definitely switched to them and forgotten about downloading and installing apps.

Whilst it’s positive to have different alternatives when deciding which software to use, we always run the risk of getting too involved with those eye-catching Web 2.0 style web apps. And then, if our Internet connection goes down, we’ll have nothing to do except wait for the router lights to turn green again.

While we’re still connected, here’s a list of ten online applications we thought you might find useful. Feel free to try them and decide if they’re good enough to replace your current desktop tool.

  1. Helipad: flexible web notepad
  2. Traineo: online weight loss and fitness tracker
  3. Picnik: edit photos online in your browser
  4. Extratasty: share cocktail recipes online
  5. Comeeko: create your own comic photo strips
  6. Bubbl.us: mind mapping online application
  7. Meebo: instant messaging everywhere
  8. Ninjawords: ultra-fast dictionary
  9. Imagination at work: free-hand drawing
  10. Buxfer: track shared expenses online
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