The 5 best Dungeons & Dragons apps

When you’re running a session of Dungeons & Dragons, you often have a lot to keep track of. In fact, even if you’re just playing a session, you can struggle with remembering some important facts. It may be surprising to find this out, but there are actually a good number of D&D apps that can help with this kind of organization. There are even some specifically designed for character creation and dice rolling. Here are some of the best ones available:

Battle Map 2

This is one of the best apps for creating and managing battlefields. This is a great app for the DM, since they can use this to create battlefields quickly and with a reliable map. It even has a dice roller built into it, which can be incredibly useful. A good Android alternative app for map building is Ye Olde Map Maker.

Battle Map 2 download now ►
Ye Olde Map Maker download free ►

Game Master

This is a series of apps created by Lion’s Den, with a different app for each edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Like Battle Map 2, this is a great app for managing creatures during an encounter, as well as being a resource tool for many monsters, items, and spells. You can even upload notes into the app, so you can keep track of the players’ stats and abilities with ease. This is one of the best organizational tools a DM can have. DM Tools is a similar app available for Android.

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Fight Club

This series of apps is basically the player version of Game Master. It’s made by the same company, which explains the similar design. Players can use this to keep track of their characters, spell slots, items, health, etc. They can also make notes to jot down any important information, or to journal their game. Like Game Master, this app also acts as a resource for information on spells, items, and creatures.

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Dice & Dragons

Dice rollers are probably the most plentiful of D&D supportive apps. However, none are more fun and engaging than Dice & Dragons. Not only does it have some nice visuals and aesthetic customization, but the app also lets you save your character rolls so that you don’t have to roll for everything individually. Instead you can roll everything you need to at once by creating Combo Die. For example, you can save your “fireball” spell rolls and their damage amplifiers to your rolls, so you can roll everything at once and have your modifiers already applied. It’s a very useful and versatile app.


Anyone who is familiar with D&DBeyond knows how useful it can be for looking up information quickly, and keeping your campaigns organized. It’s particularly useful if you plan on buying any pre-built campaigns for Dungeons and Dragons, since it will keep all that information organized for you. This app is recommended for both DMs and PCs, as it has organizational tools for both.

D&D Beyond download free ►

With each of these apps, a dungeon master and/or a player will have everything they need to fully play Dungeons and Dragons, without needing to worry about getting out paper and dice. You won’t have to worry about losing any valuable information or items either! Each of these apps benefits a player in unique and useful ways, and all except Battle Map 2 are completely free!

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