The 5 best gadgets for the living room

Our living rooms are where we spend most of our lives. From bouncing on the sofa as a toddler to sharing nibbles with your friends, the living room is enjoyed by all ages.

To help you squeeze even more fun from your home’s core social space, here’s a list of five awesome gadgets that will turn your living room into a hub of entertainment and happy memories.

1. Samsung 55” 4K UHD TV

If you’ve got the space for it, this massive ultra-high definition 4K TV will transform movie night into a cinematic spectacle. With glorious color reproduction, deep blacks, and wide viewing angles so the whole family can see no matter where they sit, this is the ultimate TV for nights on the sofa. Even the remote is a thing of beauty. The TV is equipped with Samsung’s Smart Hub with apps, games, and streaming services at your fingertips. Get it before the next season of “Game of Thrones” comes out.

2. B & W Zeppelin Wireless

The Zeppelin sits in the sweet spot where design and performance meet. Expect lush vocals, floor-shaking bass, and crystal clear highs that’ll reflect every nuance of your favorite tracks – all from a beautifully-designed, curvaceous body. Delight friends over dinner with some smooth jazz, annoy the neighbors with a techno brunch, or just kick back and close your eyes as Nina Simone sings a very personal concert just for you. You get all this from the Zeppelin, and no wires – it supports Bluetooth, AirPlay, and Spotify Connect, so streaming is as easy as pie.

3. Nixplay 15” Digital Photo Frame

What’s the point in taking pics if no one sees them? With the Nixplay, you can load your favorite albums and memories either from a memory card or by downloading from your social media accounts and you’ll see them in gorgeous 15” glory. There’s a motion detector so you don’t waste energy, and it’ll even play HD videos. A perfect way to share your family photos without heaving around those dusty albums.

4. Samsung Sound Bar

No home entertainment system is complete without external sound for those big, blockbuster explosions. The Samsung Sound Bar might not be ear-splittingly loud, but its 200W capacity and 2.1 surround will make it seem like The Avengers are smashing baddies right there in your living room. There’s a wireless hub included so you won’t be tripping over wires, and a separate woofer for extra oomph.

5. Apple TV 4K

Most smart TVs come with an app store of some kind, but the Apple TV takes those fundamentals and makes them sing. From games to streaming apps, you’ll find everything you need on your Apple TV, and it supports 4K Ultra High Dynamic Range to make shows appear so lifelike you could touch them. Even the remote is smart – just ask Siri what you’re looking for and she’ll do the rest. You can even stream direct from your iPhone or MacBook.

Gadgets can liven up any space – even one as lively as the living room. We hope this list has inspired you to bring a little more tech into your home.


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