The best apps for quick and easy photo editing

The best apps for quick and easy photo editing

If the images in your photo album are dull and boring, maybe it’s time to spice them up! You don’t need to be a Photoshop guru or known all GIMP menus by heart; there are dozens of easy photo editing tools – available for free or in trial versions – that help you apply eye-catching effects to your images without requiring any experience in photo editing.

Want to add a Polaroid effect to your photo, or turn it into a pencil sketch? What about a pop-art effect like a painting by Andy Warhol? With this collection of apps to edit and retouch images, the only limit is your imagination!

eezPix – photo editing for everyone

eezPix is an easy-to-use, yet complete photo editor that includes all the tools you need to work with your images: adjusting brightness and contrast, converting from one format to another, adding a frame  or inserting a watermark are some of its possibilities.

All the effects included in eezPix are highly customizable. In addition to that, the program supports working in batches – adding the same effect to multiple images at the same time.

Tint Photo Editor – make color stand out

Tint Photo Editor is a photo retouching tool that specializes in one single effect, but does it really well. It highlights one color in your image while keeping the rest in black and white, thus achieving an impressive result.

Again, it’s very easy to use. Tint Photo Editor analyzes your image in search for all the colors used in it. All you need to do is choose which one you want to emphasize.

Fotomix – photo compositions the easy way

Despite a somewhat confusing interface, Fotomix is a good app for beginners with which you can easily create photo compositions – that is, combine two images into one.

You can cut out people from one image and paste them against a totally different background. The sky’s the limit!

Pop Art Studio – you’re the star

Is there a pop art designer inside you? Give your pop art creativity free reins and create images a là Andy Warhol with Pop Art Studio in a few easy steps. All you have to do is import the image, choose the colors and apply the effect.

Photo to Sketch – for drawing lovers

With Photo to Sketch you can easily turn any image into a pencil drawing. The program features two conversion modes: automatic, which transforms the image with just one mouse click, and manual, which allows you to manually generate the drawing.

If you’re still not convinced, you can try FotoSketcher as an alternative.

Pola – old-style photos a click away

Pola lets you apply a Polaroid effect to your photos in one click. It’s dead easy to use: simply import your image into the program and let it do its job.

Pola also adds various color effects to make the final result even more realistic. Giving a retro look to your images has never been that easy!

Glamour Filter – for those special shots

Would you like to improve your look on pictures? Use Glamour Filter and apply an eye-catching glamorous filter to your images by adding a blur effect and enhancing brightness. A quick retouch that will make you look your best!

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