The best diary downloads

diaryKeeping a diary can be beneficial in a number of ways. Some people use them to make sense of feelings or problems while others just want to have something to look back on in their old age. Then there are those who simply want to better organise their lives. Whatever the reason, there are several diary downloads on Softonic that can help get you started. And don’t forget that a digital diary can be password protected… meaning what goes into your journal, stays in your journal.

The most popular is iDaily Diary which is a mix between a personal journal and an organiser. One of its best features is the ability to add photos and images to your accounts plus a handy search function to track down key events and appointments. The interface is very similar to a standard word processor so you can shape and perfect your text without needing an external text editor. Advanced Diary features a similar interface but allows you to keep multiple diaries on different subjects within the same application. So for example, you can keep a private, business and diet diary all at the same time but in separate diaries. Like with iDaily Diary, you can also insert images and hyperlinks and there’s a search function. The most impressive however is My Digital Diary. Although it offers pretty much the same features as the rest, this application is far better presented and also allows collaboration with other users. The tabs at the top of the screen make it easy to manage and it also has a useful backup function lacking in the others.

Now you’ve got no excuse for failing to write that daily entry in your journal.

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