The best software for aspiring VJs

VJ software and decksIf you’ve ever fancied yourself as a Video DJ then with sites such as YouTube at your disposal, the time has never been better to show off your talents to the world. You can use simple video editing programs such as Windows Movie Maker or even YouTube’s own online video editing tool to make your music videos but neither of these offer much in the way of tools tailored specifically for being a genuine VJ.

One of the most popular tools that is though is Deejaysystem Video DJ2 which allows you to play two videos at once and mix them into each other like a true VJ. It’s so good in fact that it’s used by many establishments as their in-house Vjing or karaoke software. You can even throw in two extra USB cameras into your mixing and it now accepts Windows Media DRM protected videos. Deejaysystem Video DJ2 is very much aimed at serious VJs but if you’re just looking for something to have fun on, Cell VJ is pretty impressive even if it is far more limited. It features a very simple interface where all your clips are visible with your main playback Windows squeezed into the top left-hand corner. It also includes lots of flashy transitions and unlimited options for importing video although it doesn’t support many formats.

If Cell VJ is still too much for you to handle, then Elektronika Live doesn’t exactly look great but it does a similar job and is even easier to use. It’s actually designed for those who want to put on live public performances without the complications presented by more complicated programs. However, for many wannabe VJs, few programs can come close to VJamm when it comes to truly comprehensive, professional looking VJ software. Everything you need to edit and mix is on one screen and it even matches the Beats Per Minute of your songs to the videos your playing. All you have to do is provide the tunes and inspiration.

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