Unleash Your Inner Creative Genius with These Must-Have Sims 4 Mods

Download the best free custom content (CC) to change the look of your Sims

Unleash Your Inner Creative Genius with These Must-Have Sims 4 Mods
Mireia Fernández

Mireia Fernández

For The Sims 4, the years do not pass. Although we are all anxiously awaiting the release of The Sims 5, the fourth installment of Maxis’ life simulator continues to enchant us as it did on the first day. Its secret? Having one of the largest creative communities on the Internet behind it. Simmers from all over the planet upload day after day new mods and custom content (CC) to breathe freshness into this timeless game.

If you’re a fan of The Sims, you’ll know that one of the biggest attractions of the franchise is to transfer family, friends (and enemies!) and even characters from movies and TV series to your virtual world. Unfortunately, even though it is very complete, The Sims 4 character creator is not powerful enough to achieve the perfect resemblance. That’s why in today’s article we are going to offer you a selection of the best Sims 4 mods and CC to customize your Sims. We hope they will help you!


What do I need to install mods or CC in The Sims 4?

Installing custom content in The Sims 4 is very simple. You will only need these three things:

  • The Sims 4 base game (you can download it here)
  • The mods or CC files
  • A program to decompress files like WinZIP or WinRAR
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How to install mods and CC in The Sims 4

Before we start with our list of Sims mods we believe it is convenient to do a little review about how to install custom content in the game. To do this you simply need to follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Windows file manager and navigate to the folder called “Electronic Arts” inside The Sims 4. Once there you will see a new folder called “Mods”.
  2. Download the mods or CC you want (they usually come compressed in ZIP files) and unzip them inside the “Mods” folder.
  3. Now you only have to activate your mods from the main menu of the game. To do this, open the program and, once in the options menu, select the “Others” tab. Now simply check the box “Enable custom content and mods” as well as “script mods allowed”.
  4. If you have followed the above steps to the letter, you will need to restart The Sims 4 for the changes to take effect. Once this is done all mods will be active in the game.

As you can see, the process is very simple and in a few minutes you will be able to enjoy all the free custom content for The Sims that you want. If you still have trouble activating your mods, don’t worry. We have a step-by-step guide showing you how to install your Sims 4 mods easily.

Cómo activar mods en the sims 4

Mods to change the skin tone and skin color of your Sims

We all know that the character creator of The Sims 4 is really complete and allows us to shape the face of the Sims at will. However, it is also true that the amount of skin tones is rather scarce and frankly disappointing, especially if we are looking for dark colors. To solve this problem, the Sims modding community has created some really excellent mods to finally get the diversity the game needed. These are the ones we like the most:

Melanin Pack 2

Created by Xiamira, Melanin Pack 2 includes no less than 54 new skin tones for your Sims, as well as blushes and contour elements. Plus the shades are updated to be compatible with vampire Sims, so forget about the undead pale ones.

Melanin Pack de Xiamira

Lazarus Skinblend

Its author, Grimcookies, defines this mod as a perfect way to add definition to the Sims’ faces without losing any detail in their faces. The mod works with any type of Sim, regardless of their age and gives them a perfect look, and as a bonus it also adds nipples to teenage and senior Sims!

Lazarus Skinblend

Mia Skin Overlay

Created by MilaraSims, Mia Skin Overlay adds detail and depth to your Sims’ faces. It outlines the face, shapes the cupid’s bow and also models the eye area much more realistically.

Mia Skin Overlay

Lunaria Skinblend

Lunaria Skinblend offers an excellent balance between a beautiful skin tone but without going to the extreme of turning all your Sims into runway models. Many of the Sims 4 skin mods err on the side of making all your characters live in a constant state of Photoshop filter. This mod created by Nesurii adds lighting and new details to your Sims’ skin, molds their eyes and looks to make them more realistic and simply makes them always look great.

Lunaria Skinblend

Mods to change the face of your Sims

As with skin tones, sometimes The Sims 4 character creator doesn’t have exactly that option we were looking for. Whether it’s because of the few options when it comes to choosing freckles or because our Sims’ teeth always look the same, we never get the perfect likeness. There are some very good mods that add new features and options for our Sims’ faces. These are the ones we like the most:


If you have been playing The Sims for years, you will surely be used to the fact that one of the first mod packs that one recommends to download is the one that remodels all the basic faces of the game. Vanilla remodels all the faces of the base game and improves them, giving them more definition, new features and adding all kinds of details that the original does not have.

vanilla mod para the sims 4

About Face

This mod created by Pyxis will allow you to add all the details you want to the faces of your Sims. As you may know, the base creator of The Sims 4 only allows you to put freckles or birthmarks on certain parts of the face, About Face breaks with this. Now you can add all kinds of details, from brightening and shading the parts of the face you want to adding freckles anywhere on the face.

About Face de Pyxis

Default teeth

Although Maxis did a good job adding new types of teeth in an update to The Sims 4, these may still be insufficient to get the face you were looking for. The new Default teeth mod from Magic-Bot adds a collection of dentures of all kinds. These are much brighter and more realistic than the ones included in the base game and manage to add that unique touch to each of your Sims. Do any of your Sims have gap teeth? Do they wear braces? Are they missing teeth or do they have yellowed teeth? Give them a unique look thanks to this mod.

Ellen Freckles N13

Sick of your Sims looking like wax museum figures? Dare to customize their appearance thanks to Ellen Freckles N13. This mod, created by PralineSims, allows you to add freckles and spots to your Sims’ faces to give them a much more realistic and attractive look.

The Commander

The Sims 4 has many customization options but, unfortunately, it lacks many male facial hair options. The Commander Facial Hair is an excellent mod created by XLD_SIM with which you will be able to add three different types of beard thickness without breaking with the aesthetics of the game’s character creator.

The Commander

Mods to change the look of your Sims

The eyes are the mirror of the soul and as such, they are fundamental to give your Sim the look you want. They show the mood of our characters and also give depth and personality to their face. If you’ve outgrown the Sims 4 eye creator or want to get a much more realistic, fantasy or just plain kawaii look… why not try some of these interesting mods?

MissRubyBird Eye Packs

Simmer MissRubyBird is known for creating some of the most beautiful eye packs in the Sims 4 game. You’ll find everything from natural color mods, bright eye mods and even eye packs specially created to bring out the best in the aliens, vampires or mermaids in the game. Why not take a look at them all?

Aqua Trigger Eyes

Luz Eyes

Luz Eyes is a complete pack created by Simandy’s that gives a very luminous and sweet look to your Sim’s eyes. The pack incorporates 18 different colors that mix natural tones with some fantasy ones, such as a beautiful violet or aquamarine.

Eye Shine Remover

The base eyes of the Sims 4 have a whitish layer over them that sometimes, especially when they go outside, makes them look cloudy. Thanks to this mod created by LuumiaSims you can get rid of this annoying reflection and give them a much sharper and realistic appearance.

3D Lashes

Another weak point of the face creator in The Sims 4 is the eyelashes of our characters. They are always the same, with hardly any volume or personality. To improve them you can opt for the 3D Eyelashes mod by Kijiko. Here you will find eyelashes of all kinds, from long and voluminous to short, curly or real fans in the eyes of your characters. You can add these eyelashes to babies, children, teenagers, adults and senior Sims. They also work perfectly regardless of the accessories your Sims are wearing.

Maxis Match Eyebrows

Shaping our eyebrows is very fashionable and it is therefore normal that we need to improve the default options offered by Maxis. The Maxis Match Eyebrows packs created by Pralinesims are very diverse and ensure that you will find the perfect eyebrow style to make your Sim look trendy.

Evie Eyebrows

Give a touch of glamour and realism to your eyebrows with this mod created by KatVerse CC. These are available in many colors, so they will always match perfectly with any shade of hair and, in addition, can be used by teenagers, adults or elderly Sims. There is no age to have fabulous eyebrows.

Evie Eyebrows

Mods to change the body of your Sims

Although the body of the characters in The Sims 4 is correct, sometimes it may seem simplistic or simply not detailed enough for many players. To change it at will and alter the physical shape of your Sim without having to undergo surgery, there is nothing better than adding one of these mods.


Created by LumiaSims, Body: REDUX is an excellent CC pack with which you will improve the textures of children, teenagers, adults and elderly people. The mod adds more muscles to the male Sims, although it does not mean that they are more muscular. It simply adds muscles and textures that were missing in the original game. In the case of female Sims, they will no longer have an unrealistic body, it will add more detail and shape to their breasts and they will no longer look like Barbie dolls.

Body Redux de Luumia

Chubby Presets

Although The Sims 4 character editor gives you a certain freedom when it comes to molding your characters, sometimes it is somewhat restrictive, especially if you are looking to create curvy Sims. For this type of situation there is Chubby Presets, a mod created by Thiago Mitchell with which you can enjoy Sims with heart-stopping curves in just a few clicks.

HD Feet

The Sims 4 suffers from the phenomenon of showing squared feet on all its characters. No matter how beautiful your Sim is, once he takes off his shoes all his realism and glamour will completely disappear. To solve this problem simmer Necrodog has created this mod that will add detail (and splayed toes!) to your Sims’ feet.

HD Feet

Body Hair V5

Shaping your Sims’ body is all well and good but… What about their body hair? If you’re looking for a mod to correct this, we recommend you take a look at Body Hair V5 by LuumiaSims. It includes 5 different shades of hair (black, brown, chocolate, red and platinum) to turn your Sims into attractive bear cubs. Once installed, you can apply it from the tattoo section of your Sims.

Body Hair V5

Ombre Sharp Nails

Rosalia kicked off the false nails boom… Why not add them to your Sims? With so many customization options for the Sims, it’s inexplicable that Maxis hasn’t let us play with our characters’ nails yet. Fortunately, there is Ombre Sharp Nails, a mod created by SintikliaSims with which you will be able to add nails of infarction to your most daring Sims.

Ombre Sharp nails

Mods to change the hair of your Sims

To finish our selection of the best mods, we can’t pass up the opportunity to recommend additional content to improve the hairstyle of your Sims. Tired of always having the same hairstyles or the same hair colors? Don’t worry, with these mods you will get your characters to have the look you always wanted.

New Hair Colors by WildlyMiniatureSandwic

The Sims 4 has a total of 18 hair colors for your characters, 9 natural shades, 3 gray hair while only 4 are fancy or flashy. To change this WildlyMiniatureSandwich has created a host of mods to add new hair colors for your characters. From their website (click here to access it) you will find an endless number of new hair colors for your Sims, each one more amazing and beautiful than the last.

Curly Fro

If you want your Sim to have trendy afro hair, we recommend you take a look at this mod created by SheSpeaksSimlish. This is not the classic exaggerated or hedge-like afro hair, but is made up of beautiful curls that will make your Sim look beautiful.

Space Bun Fun

Space Bun Fun by LeeLeeSims1 is a fun hairstyle designed for Sims with long hair. It adds two fun Chun Li-style buns and lets you choose whether or not to add bangs to the character. The mod comes with 18 different hair colors and also allows you to add accessories to the buns.

Sam Hair

If you like braids, you’ll love Sam Hair. This mod created by AHarris00Britney creates a stylish hairstyle with two braids accompanied by a braided crown. The mod comes with 38 different hair colors and is perfectly compatible with accessories such as hats.

Connor Hair

Men’s hairstyles have changed a lot since the release of The Sims 4. Connor Hair was created by simmer KotCat and brings this trendy hairstyle into the game. Its 16 colors and the possibility of adding a stylish hat make it a must-have.

Nelli Hair

Get real fantasy hair with Nelli Hair by LeahLillith. This mod includes 32 different shades and a beautiful hairstyle that combines loose hair with an interesting set of braids that will take your breath away. A must-have for anyone looking for a stylish princess look that doesn’t need a prince to rescue her.

Blackout Hair

Man buns are not just for women. The modder Anto has created Blackout Hair, a sophisticated hairstyle for male Sims with which they will be able to wear a perfect man bun in the blink of an eye. The CC includes 18 different hair colors and is fully compatible with hats.

Improve the appearance of your Sims in the blink of an eye

We hope you liked our selection of mods to customize the appearance of your Sims. Would you like to get even more out of the game? Don’t forget to take a look at the best mods to change the gameplay of The Sims 4 and our selection of houses to download. And don’t forget, if you liked what you read, you can share it with your friends on social networks.

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