The Sims 4: Unlock the hidden lot in Willow Creek

The Sims 4: Unlock the hidden lot in Willow Creek

Neighborhoods in The Sims 4 are bigger than you may realize: there are hidden lots that are tucked away and can only be accessed after reaching certain levels.

Willow Creek, the greenest neighborhood in The Sims 4, has several residential and community lots that anyone can access, but they aren’t the only ones: an additional lot is hidden away, where you can explore and collect different items: Sylvan Glades. See this tutorial if you want to find the hidden lot in Oasis Springs.

To discover Sylvan Glades, you have to completed a series of steps, which you can see in the video below.

Default player

First, choose one of your Sims and send it to the Crick Cabana lot. Once there, do the following:

1) Make your Sim go to the big tree next to the lot.

2) Select View twice in a row.

3) Choose to Water the tree three three times in a row.

4) Choose Discuss Nature to talk to the tree.

5) A secret door will appear in the tree. Go inside and Chat about roots.

6) Next, a dialog box will open. Select these options: Follow the sound, Follow downstream, and Enter the mist.

Congratulations, you’ve just unlocked Sylvan Glades!

Enjoy the views and discover its riches

Sylvan Glades is more than just a pretty lot where you can take your Sims for a walk; it’s an inexhaustible source of resources. In Sylvan Glades, you can fish, collect frogs, gather various types of fruits, and even find an exclusive animal: the treefish.

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