The top ten OnSoftware posts of 2011

The top ten OnSoftware posts of 2011

It seems fitting that the first OnSoftware post of 2012 should pay homage to some of the great articles we published last year.

There was much to talk about in the world of software and apps in 2011, and testament to this is that we published more blog articles last year than any other in our history. If you don’t have time to go back and read them all (there’s a staggering 581 of them!) then at least go back and revisit our ten most popular posts of last year in terms of visits.

The list makes for an interesting overview of what was on the minds of computer users last year (upgrading to Windows 7/Mac OS X Lion, getting onto Google +, social media privacy – and Minecraft!) Take a trip back down memory lane by checking out the posts:

1. Get a Google + invite

When Tom put out his guide to getting onto Google + before anyone else, everyone wanted to be his friend.

2. Essential free apps for your new Windows 7 PC

This time last year, Windows 7 was the cool new operating system on the block. We revealed the first five programs that should be installed on any new Windows 7 machine.

3. Switching from Firefox to Chrome made simple

2011 will be remembered as the year everyone got fed up with Firefox and switched to Chrome. Google’s browser has now overtaken Firefox as the world’s second most popular web browser. Jon likes to think he played a part in so many people changing to Chrome, after they read his simple guide to switching.

4. Don’t upgrade to Lion until you’ve read this

Apple released a new version of OS X in 2011. But Lion demanded plenty of specs to run, so our resident Mac expert Nick had some wise words of warning for those eager to upgrade.

5. Minecraft 1.8 adventure update

Minecraft was one of the gaming successes of the year. When the adventure update was released fans of the mining game went crazy. In fact, you might say they really dug it…

6. Privacy: Google+ vs Facebook

It’s getting harder and harder to keep your private life private these days. We investigated Google+ and Facebook to discover which one is best for making sure you only get seen by the people you want to see you.

7. FIFA 12 vs PES 2012

Another year meant another ding-dong battle between the two heavyweight soccer games. We put them to the test in our perennial post to find out which is king. Seriously though, let’s hope someone else comes out with a new soccer game in 2012. We’re bored of the same old PES v FIFA trash talk every year.

8. Windows 8 screenshot tour

The big software event of this year will be the Windows 8 beta release in February. Last year we were already stirring up excitement for Microsoft’s new operating system when we published early screenshots of Windows 8.

9. Apple pulls VLC Media Player from App Store

iPhone and iPad users were just getting used to enjoying the benefits of VLC Media Player for iOS when Apple controversially removed the popular media player from its App Store, following complaints from the developer of the desktop version of the software.

10. The best PC cricket games

A surprise entry into our top ten posts of the year, this one. Perhaps the 2011 Cricket World Cup captured the imaginations of the world’s computer users, who decided they wanted to be the next Brian Lara.

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