The UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen

The UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen

It may not have a snappy title, but the Climate Conference is a big deal, and has put environmental issues back in the headlines. Who knows if your leaders will be able to make any kind of meaningful deal?

You can follow the official timetable and events at, which has a good range of articles and reports as well as regular updates on the goings on in Copenhagen. For breaking news, just search for #Copenhagen in Twitter. Of course news on Twitter is mixed in with lots of peoples personal opinions and often stupid comments, but you can still see stories break there amongst all the noise.

If you want to relax, why not try this Global Warming game? It’s really easy to pick up and there does seem to be a point about sustainability in the game – you have to add green technology to factories, put out forest fires and use bikes from the factories to replace cars. But as the game goes on it gets harder and harder to manage all the problems, and it’s likely eventually the ice caps will melt and drown the planet! I felt the idea was that we can’t just continue by making different products, but have to change our lifestyles more fundamentally. Whether that’s right or not, Global Warming is quite a fun casual game.

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