This Week’s Download Roundup

This Week’s Download Roundup

This week has seen the lazy summer days come to an end with three massive releases of rival soccer games FIFA 11 and PES 2010, along with Microsoft’s hyped IE 9 beta release.


Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 features a series of significant, much-needed improvements to PES 2010. Gameplay has been tweaked to improve control, more game modes have been added, and the graphics and overall presentation of Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 are breathtaking. After years of disappointing releases, this represents a new beginning for Konami’s iconic series.

Having been blown away by the previous version of FIFA, we found it hard to imagine how EA could possibly improve its slick soccer sim. However, FIFA 11 has enough improvements and new features to make it the quintessential soccer sim. The new Personality+ system means that players move and act as they do in real life, and refined modeling means they look much more like themselves too.

Internet Explorer 9 is the new edition of Microsoft’s hugely popular web browser. Building on the success of previous editions of IE with new features and a new look, Microsoft has high hopes for Internet Explorer 9.  It’s got a new minimal design for improved screen space, and it’s faster and more efficient making it a much more attractive browser choice.


RemoteDroid is a free app for your Android that will allow you to control your Mac or PC remotely. It takes a bit of time to set up and learn, but after that you’ll have a really useful tool. Relax while watching TV series, knowing you don’t have to get up and click for the next episode. RemoteDroid takes us one step closer to having a personal device that does everything!

Spider-Man: Total Mayhem is a very impressive action game, starring your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in his full 3D glory. The fantastic graphics make this a showcase for the iPhone’s capabilities. If you love playing 3D action games on your console, thisis probably the closest thing you’ll get to that experience on your iPhone.


Vitamin-R is a Menu Bar tool for managing your attention and maintaining motivation. It blocks other apps while you set a specific time period to complete a task. It’s a great way to combat all the distractions of today’s computing and stay focused on the task in hand. Set up ‘slices’ of time with specific objectives and watch your productivity boom!

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