Three Dark Souls III alternatives

Three Dark Souls III alternatives
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OMG Dark Souls III is here! What I am trying to say is, “let’s make this quick so I can get back to the finale of From Software’s Gothic styled, hack-and-slash trilogy“. The last seven days has had me so excited to play that I actually started digging through my games to find something similar in the hope they may sate my Dark Souls desires. Here are my three favorite.

Wayward Souls (iOS|Android)

If you want some Souls action on-the-go then you have a few options (none of which are Slashy Souls). My personal favorite is Wayward Souls – a 16-bit styled, top-down, action RPG that is filled with challenge and drips atmosphere.

Wayward Souls

With a range of characters to pick from, you have to edit your play style depending on class and abilities. On your quest you collect coins that can be shared between all of your characters to level them up and gain access to their unique skills and upgrades. Expect to hurl plenty of spells as a magic users and focus on sheer power as a brawler – but always keep an eye on your stamina/mana otherwise things can go bad fast.

Not quite Dark Souls to go, but close enough and a great interpretation of its vibe for the small screen.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen (Windows)

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is Capcom’s gritty medieval action game. The look and world design should be instantly recognizable to Souls players, with every area feeling interconnected and dripping with mood.

Dragons Dogma

But it is the combat that really resonates. In Dragon’s Dogma learning the animation of both your own attacks and those of your enemies are vital to surviving every fight. You must see your foe’s tells, and know exactly how long your own strikes are in order to duck in and out from between attacks. Again, Souls fans should find this familiar, but Capcom has added the ability to climb over the huge beasts as you fight to better target their weaknesses.

Add to this a faster pace of play, along with a more clearly explained story, and you have a game that should prove a good palate cleanser when Dark Souls III gets a bit too much.

Salt and Sanctuary (Windows)

Last this week we have a game that isn’t actually out yet on PC… but it is coming, it’s great, and it basically Dark Souls reinterpreted as a 2D platformer – right down to the HUD and controls being almost identical.

Salt and Sanctuary

The game is Salt and Sanctuary, and it is the latest game from Ska Studios. Maintaining the developers signature slapdash charcoal visual style, it instantly sets a perfect tone for its dark uncertain fiction that makes no secret of its inspiration. It is a feeling that the game embraces whole heatedly, with the writing also managing to keep the characters, story, and motivations vague until the end.

It isn’t perfect, if only because the 2D perspective makes it hard to orientate yourself, but Salt and Sanctuary will be a must.

Right, I am off to play more Dark Souls III. I’ll see you next week I’m able to peel myself out of my chair.

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