Time Donkey: time traveling for tacos


Blurst are great at coming up with wacky game concepts, and browser game Time Donkey is no exception. You play a donkey, trapped in a time loop, and you have to collect tacos and solve time based puzzles to get back home. It’s a 3D platform game, with fairly simple controls although movement is a bit floaty, and getting the concept of time travel might take a moment. Every time you reset time, you start with a “new” donkey, but the previous donkey will also exist and do exactly what you did with them before. So, for example you can put one donkey on a switch, then travel back and put another donkey on the thing the switch triggers, Eventually you’ll have lots of donkeys all doing things in the same 30 seconds! It’s an odd concept, but it’s called Time Donkey – what would you expect?

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