Time waster: the gorier side of Halloween

I’m a big fan of online Flash games (who isn’t?) and I’ve tested quite a few of them, but I must admit I’ve never seen anything like Candy Mountain Massacre before.

This impressive Flash 3D shooter offers a very different view of the Halloween celebration: instead of treating kids with candy, you have to save the Candy Mountain, home to the sweetest creatures in the world, from a deadly plague of zombie-like psycho killers.

Candy Mountain Massacre

After choosing between three different costumes and selecting your desired level of difficulty, you’re good to go. Move around the town and exterminate all the evil creatures you find on your way with any of your three weapons. Don’t hesitate when wiping them out because they won’t show any mercy on you! Luckily there are a few health and ammo bonus scattered all over the playing area, which come in really handy after being attacked with a handful of lethal cookies or running out of bullets.

Candy Mountain Massacre

Candy Mountain Massacre requires Adobe Shockwave Player 11 and can be quite heavy on the browser’s resources. On the upside, it offers amazing 3D graphics – obviously not as good as an actual shooter – but surprisingly good for an online Flash game.

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